A cause in effect



This is the real basis of the character of a true Decepticon.
Although the piece is used in WWII. Megatron’s mark and model in the toy is much more better than the real model. A innovaton of the Decepticon tech was its Macrotech. Soundwave and its casettes used this. Macrotech was used in the real world microchip industry from late 30’s to early 70’s. Bill Gates,Wozniack and Jobs wanted nothing but to make the computing powers into a good size so to speak. In the years to follow it kept to the smallest chip that can be utilized only to power one pc board.

Macrotech concept in the TV series of Transformers: from 9 foot robot into a palm sized object so it can be utilized by the user so it can hide from plain sight. Soundwave abused this so much it was his habit. Megatron used it to his advantage first to hide then for he glory first to himself then for the dynasty of the intergalactic force of”Decepticons”


In my opinion a villain or enemy defines the hero, through which the hero must overcome and battle that source of negativity. In all hero myth/quest stories from mythology and theology itself. A character places him/herself in a situation where the opposing side has to do battle so to speak in order for them to grow into each other or must become mortal enemies always.

Megatron advocates true leadership. Maligned,maladjusted and a true megalomaniac but true to his ways of a good cause. A cause in his early career to upset and thwart the masters in so doing, influenced his subjects to be not afraid for themselves but to which they needed be controlled first then to control their path. A cause of true rebel in his cause to destroy first the control of Quintessons, but in his rise to power, no matter what kind of being it is, corruption is and always be the downfall of absolute power.

“Look not for the real reason of a leader, but to which what he intended for his peers and the company s/he keeps and keeps them in line and controlled for a purpose.”- OAM


Ever since


There was a time when Cobra Commander by took his forte and gathered allies within his ranks, yet in the end, he was ousted by his own sect and since then operated solo.
All of his efforts as a career in his right by a right winged socialist and totalitarian hand. All his scheming paid off yet founding members of his opponent time and time again, foils everything.

At the height of the animated movie 1985, he wanted nothing more to secede from the rule of Globulus and at every turn, all his ranking officers wanted him out.

It is kind of a parallel thing with the twilight of the real world in the WWII. Hitler was getting paranoid,  and in secret his ranking officers wanted the regime to stay in power after they have toppled Hitler himself.  As luck would have it, nobody got Hitleren in the end coz he took itt upon himself a glorious suicide, with his confidant eva braun.

The current events does have something in coincidence in comparison with these two leaders, Hitler and Cobra Commander.

Take for instance at about 2011, almost all leaders in the middle east were either ousted or somewhat taken out of office.  Pure coincidence that leaders were out and in fighting for whatever reason came about. 

In the twilight of the organization of Cobra, which was spearheaded by Mindbender and mostly Na Serpentor, without the know how of cobra commander had its troops almost into a brainwashed soldiers.

After WWII, ranking officials of the regime of the group, was either dissolved or in some cases seeked asylum into regions unknown.

On fictional group the other history.

Evil will always turn upon itself.