Excuse me while I look to sky


It breaks
My head aches, tummy growling, muscles spasms

A voice within your mouth utters
She kicks me where it hurts

At the kitchen,  I stir, brew and stare at the stove
Here i am your butler
In a few a confidant
Before you go an admirer

I look up and ask for more
In a few I am at the desk
Scribbling, listing,  plotting the attacks of the day

Ahh here we are with cookiee monster as my guide
At the end of my stick
I keep my fingers crossed
For you give me the workout I need

My train keeps my memory on loop
Remembering years
Refreshing and making it my bible

We wait for you
Then all your doubts, problems comes
With laughter from her
In the moment you laugh with her and play with her
Makes everything new

For tomorrow I shall look up and ask for more