Dare i put up my face

Lalo na kung invite kita pa sa ep bee

Did i enter my name right,

Paano pa kung tanongin mo pa ako ng number ko

In the days ahead 

I know not being famous

In the right mind to associate all this going through

To which ego will be boosted

To which my conceited heart beat upon the green ventricles

Paano na yan pag malaki na ang followers ko dito

Then wala akong magagawa kundi 

Mag pa kumbaba


I want to believe

Yet there is nothing more to believe

What would you say if i said would you, could you, how dare you

Do you want to see,

Care to touch what i feel and see,

Still you are doubters,haters, loathing and feeling

But not believing.


Then how do you?

Do you really have to,

Do you really need to,

Why cant you,

If you cant give that to yourself, then why ask it, why bother?


How then can you,

So you make it up, give meaning to it

Then it then be a purpose to your meaning

In the end it will be your justifications.

Now you have made yourself your own king or queen

On your own dominion

Making monsters out of your own dragons and demons

And saving them with your own angels.


Then it is your own myth

Can you believe you done it yourself,

Or was it just another belief becuz

You cant even believe in the first place

Roots go deep


These roots are mine
They go deep
Mine alone
My problem
My stressor

Thus far I am rooted in my own
This is my own
My choice
My life

Structure, foundation and groundwork
Are my branches
As my leaves die, so will I
In time I’ll grow somewhere else
You’ll see my life won’t be anything but change