annoying little. . .

Langya ka talaga,

hinayupak ka,

laganap na talaga,

Sobrang katerbang at

Gra Beh,

ang galit


IPIS na ito.😨😨😨😲😲😲

There is not much I can really do,

but some of you;

i have to use a little but

not so much.

I do love insects, but you are one

festering annoyance.

20 at the stove,

10 in the micro,

and the food i left behind just last night,

sheeez, u gotta be kiddin me.

But no,

I will do such no thing.

I do get it

that i need to pick up after myself,

thank you for that.

Thats why when ever after the worlds end,

you will be here,

when the world was young,

you guys picked up what they left off.



By the shade of the dark

Im left with people

People who knows not of me

But they seem so vampiric to me

They kept my blood curling

Shouting and gnawing after what to get out of me.


Woe is me 
To see those worst ones that tries my patience

Who never seemed to ever listen

Cannot fathom where and what i have become

What i can become


Fast forward to click my life now

One of you saw me as i am

Picked me out of the darkness

That i am trying to be in

Asked me to come alongside

Beckoned me to bask in it and see where it will take us

For her and me were masters of our fate not destiny





These were my imps that kept me




Were the birds of Hope itself

Hoping her life and mine will never be the same again

And each time we hold each other

Separated by a single goal

Love of thyself

Through a community of hopelessness, helplessness and bitterness

We are one.

Sweet mother Emily

Sweet sister Sylvia

Father Edgar

In which me and her are in debt of the art you founded and in the shade

We are just pinpricks of 




Variant 2 by artsydhude

Dedicated to Lady P.



Hold true
To something old
And make it anew.

Be you
Stand and deliver as i would shiver
Like you
I am no giver, only a taker.

Stood by and saw the sea
As rocks,brine, and cold water take me
Drowned in my own river
Why should i even dare trickle forth on mine face
When there is nothing to hide.

I will hide when there is nothing more
To see
To hear
And fear that which is never there.

To rock and to roll


As among here restless
In my waning and waxing strides
I keep pushing
Biding my time
All my efforts still nothing.

A pebble loose
A gravel beneath my sole
Shifting sands grips my heels
Yet a moment of tiredness is all i need to struggle.

Who am i
What have i become
Why did i even bother
Where am i leading to
How did i get here?

Oh yah, limbic realm of what place is this
Still work is work
Struggle more
Live more
How love can make me its slave
Is for it me or them?

Nothing is priceless
Not until it lies beneath your feet.

Its my fate and destiny
Nor my time to worship
Those crimes of my own.

Who am i anyway,
Am i the one who struggles
With my sanity
Or my life?



Try me
Test me
I belong in your list

Those that you wish you’d never say
Never do
Never even tried

Come on give me your best shot
See im a patsy
And a panzy
Look I even dressed in a pinky

So please give me your best efforts
Give it all you got

And when you do,
I do apologize when you are out of your energy
I am truly sorry
That would be the end of it.

So please by give me your best shot.