Eat thyself


Are we snakes of time?
Coz we are
We keep eating ourselves up
From morning til night
We eat first the dirt we lie in
Then the thougts comes in
With that our forked tongue keeps us in duality
Then the next day
We shed
A momentarily sense of being free
Then go back at it again



16 I communed with mine own heart, saying, Lo, I am come to great estate, and have gotten more wisdom than all they that have been before me in Jerusalem: yea, my heart had great experience of wisdom and knowledge.

Shared from

Holy Bible Offline 2.1.1


How can you know your own,when you do not know yourself anymore?

In all dealings with the self. Ego,id,alter ego,logic,reason,validity and justifications are the rulers of thine self. What alters or is it something that goes unchanged.

In the tale of Odin’s twilight, he knew he is going to be killed at the heart of Ragnarok. He foresaw what that which cannot be changed.
He secured Vili and Ve,he knew that of aesir and Vanir will be wiped out.
In that information alone, he wanted to cheat death itself. But he didnt.

It reminds us, that which is the spirit can make yourself be wise enough first to know yourself,and when you do. You will see what you can do with what you can make for your own immediate future, or to foresee what you project.



With two hands I am whole
On my right
My shield

I move up and flurry
I back then defend
I slide I deflect
I step block

Two sticks
Makes me know what to expect
Makes me more than a idea
Makes me more dangerous

But does it make me any wiser
A foolhearted warrior
An arrogant man
Or do I seem smug and conceited?

Roots go deep


These roots are mine
They go deep
Mine alone
My problem
My stressor

Thus far I am rooted in my own
This is my own
My choice
My life

Structure, foundation and groundwork
Are my branches
As my leaves die, so will I
In time I’ll grow somewhere else
You’ll see my life won’t be anything but change



As I look up
Then down
And ahead

Things cannot be changed

People come by
Then separate ways
Amidst the traffic of life

On cannot be against it

The need to change,  is the cause
The wanting of change cannot be done

Accepting the need is much greater than the w want

My sacramental flaw


In your loving arms and your everlasting guidance
With your graces Upon my life that which was given to me by the previous generation
Through your way of message

I will follow
I will make it my own
In the end
It will be shared

“In nomini
Di patri
Et fili
Et espiritu


Good night to you all.
Thank each other
Guide one another
Love unconditionally

Most of all

Help each other



As the time from the moment of inception of light from darkness
Lord Jehovah gave us the real life, which is light.

In so many version’s of the book, The isolated test in which Adam and Eve was conceived and given the choice. There are separate version of the book where it does lingering statements,  that mankind was living among the world.

If the archeological facts, and findings can corroborate that from cro-magnon, neanderthals and other sub species of humanesque forms, we are subject to change from time to time.

One of the statements does coincide with the book, not to quote but out of context,  to me in my personal opinion.  We were never alone in the ancient world, civilization was and is intended to rise and fall.

One story coincides with Atlantean myth, was The Tower of Babylon.
If it were true, God the Father did divide us all for the greed of ancient men was the core of its nephilistic ways.

For mankind’s fate repeats its own.

That if it is very true to the old myths, that men of the world were united in a single goal, the impossible are possible.

Take Artificial intelligence,  we are nearing it’s age and it’s inception. It will be a isolated matter, time  only knows what will the machines can do to us.

Writers, visionaries and artists work tirelessly for the future of what it should be, yet if someone were to go back from the invention of science fiction,  it became science in its path.

“All is lost
Repeat yourselves
Yet History
Makes fools of us

Can we ever…
Or is it inevitable…

Time is our ally
Thoughts is our power
Spaces in between is the resource

Reality alters
Take it as it comes
We are our future

Let’s prevent this
Or leave it as it goes”



Norsk derivation.
Rune symbol: thurisaz
Object analogy: to tranform and to bridge from past to present.

Thursday,  March 28,1974
One little life entered into this world back then.

Maundy Thursday
A night of soliloquy, solace,  and transcendence of one who is to change everything that ever was.

In my life, I have always known as far my life is concerned,
I do believe that the company of the divine is always near with me.

“Life has nothing on me
Love is everything I have
To this
I am grateful
I am inspired

To you
I thank thee
For I am nothing
Withouth you.”

Choose your weapon

= to cut down yourself
= to disable yourself
= project yourself
= being flexible
=bridging the gap
= destroy, harm, project, aim from a distance

Choose wisely for when the time comes, if ever choose life over