To rock and to roll


As among here restless
In my waning and waxing strides
I keep pushing
Biding my time
All my efforts still nothing.

A pebble loose
A gravel beneath my sole
Shifting sands grips my heels
Yet a moment of tiredness is all i need to struggle.

Who am i
What have i become
Why did i even bother
Where am i leading to
How did i get here?

Oh yah, limbic realm of what place is this
Still work is work
Struggle more
Live more
How love can make me its slave
Is for it me or them?

Nothing is priceless
Not until it lies beneath your feet.

Its my fate and destiny
Nor my time to worship
Those crimes of my own.

Who am i anyway,
Am i the one who struggles
With my sanity
Or my life?


In lieu of the past


Look back
Get back
Come home

as I ran I met my life
As I settled I lived

Now that there’s no one to give you respect
You come to me
Bringing your demons
Using everything as your arsenal

Go ahead drag me into my hell again
Go ahead drag that undead pastt into light

Who is really at fault
Can you ever admit it’s your fault
Why I Am like this

He said once to Lot
Don’t look back
They told him never to stare at the gaze of Medusa

Once something set in n stone,
It is and will always be unstuck

Past comes to us t To remind what is
Past tells us to correct it when it repeats

History changes nations
Change comes with a price
The cost of change
Comes at me
And this time
I am ready