Libris et Vida

​Life begins when pain is at its max

Life is at its core when truce holds no meaning
Love begets pleasure
Yet it pains when at its weakest

Laugh love live
And die

Live love forgive
No regrets
At the eve

You will know
When you know

But dont say no
Never surrender
To any weather.




How much pain i am in
When you see nothing
That i do
And all the hurt i am in
When you make me go deeper
Way in my own
Wallowing of tears.

Misery, pain and sorrow
The only friends i know now
At least they are always going to be

And you call yourself my life partner,
The one who vowed under oath
Under your sacrifices mirrored my own.

It is a feral scream
Inside that sounds off
Shouts and growls in and out.

Teary eyed


Has your tears dried up
From every drop of it
A face is smeared
Vision blurred
But the heart bleeds
And your hands to red to handle
Yet your body keeps it going

The hell with it
Make it
Give it all
For tomorrow
Sometimes makes it
easier than today

Am I so much alone


Am I among friends

If I am then at least loneliness has nothing on me
If I am
Then the voices keep me company
These voices gets me teary up
And does cleanse what I need to

And they say misery loves company
I say to those then
The company is well met
And it serves me well.



Am I not recognized for all I have done
Of all people
I am at the end
I risked everything for you

Now you have changed into something that I always hated
I’d rather make love to you
And bring you back

Even in that I can’t have
What is this life for
When all of you I cant have