Mi lady



Your spirit deafning

Your will goes on.
Fight on

Climbing on insurmountable odds

Dared to soar

Until Daedalus crumble under you.

While Jason ventured, you held

When Ulyses left, you hanged on.
Amazonian you are

Valkyriean you will be

Eve will be proud
Become you, you will

Time will be your aide

Eyes alone are your weapons.

For you my darling Phoebe. For you…




Be the joy
To enjoy
Has to be in joy.

Countermind your mind
Counter the resentment
Count the blessings
Count on yourself.

Bad, good
Better, worse
What is it for?

Create what you can
Destroy all cans,
So at least change can give you
Some spare change will be.

Three muns 08, ohmz