Tribunal of the dead.

Fuel and deliver that belief has to be seen,

that marks not of sight and felt to the touch.

Though doubt, fear and grief is all the same,

yet coupled with the remains of the ghost of all past,

wreathes to bicker and banter of graves of the mind,

thats speaks to you in vampiric order.


Poems and artwork by

© Oliver A Melendez


Over you


These tears will come to an end
After my eyes stop
After my convulsions
Heaved to its last

I see nothing but anger in every turn
My rage burst
As my fist jams into something solid

My head swirls
As I flop to the floor

Why do I hate then love
Why do I bother

Teary eyed


Has your tears dried up
From every drop of it
A face is smeared
Vision blurred
But the heart bleeds
And your hands to red to handle
Yet your body keeps it going

The hell with it
Make it
Give it all
For tomorrow
Sometimes makes it
easier than today



Am I not recognized for all I have done
Of all people
I am at the end
I risked everything for you

Now you have changed into something that I always hated
I’d rather make love to you
And bring you back

Even in that I can’t have
What is this life for
When all of you I cant have




One head
5 voices
One is my own
The others are of myself
Pride tells me that I am my god
Vain tellls me that beauty is what I hold
Ego fills my Pride
Misery makes me happy

I can’t even see the real me anymore
My own tiamat, I am chaos in my head
My body the brine in which
An ocean between my brain to my heel
Only my own mouth is my end weapon
As I use my tongue as the bullet
In words are my ammo.