Goodbye Mirkwood


Such as this is so barren
Fangorn here I come
In these branches I am claustrophobic
To these dried floor you call mud
There are no will’o’wisp that I can see
Even there are no elves that care enough to give us

Bah Mirkwood,  of all places why I stay
Then my question remain where do I go?
Some weary traveler I once heard,  Fangorn should be good
I know not where it is
Thus I uproot myself and time to leave this wretched place
Goodbye Mirkwood


Peons and Grunts


Orc: I am in charge here, here light the fire
Ogre: ok gimme that log, you runt I need your tinder
goblin: I don’t have it one of the kobold took it from me
Orc: where is that little mouse then?
goblin: we are so done, I hear rustling beyond those trees.
Ogre: we are near mirkwood damn ents must be nearby, we need fire
Orc: break twigs if we start breaking nothing then we are done
Goblin: ummh what’s a twig
Ogre: if I hear one more complaint, I swear I will start swinging

Thud, crak, kerrash….

goblin: at least I’m the only one that is shorter than the two.
Hehe now where is that map, damn the Orc had it.


Quikbeam: and he thought he would he have escaped
Saproot: yup, if that goblin could have took the twigs out of me, then maybe.

Both ent stood there laughing heartily

Lesson= listen well and pay attention