Dear love,

                     Why must you always come up when im alone. So it seems you are always at the tip of my tongue whenever my heart skips. Still as my belief that you are nothing but a four letter word, that makes up for human compassion caring and sharing.

I don’t know why men and women alike have no distinct re wording for you. I mean you cant say “i lust you” or at least make a difference reprhasing of love and lust. So please let me end you, i want you but id rather have that spiritual love around me, than your physical manisfestations. 

So here we are, at a road where that lust is just a passing wind and your ever prescence is always there. Let me understand your deepest meaning. So at least id make sure im not confused what it really means to love, be loved and to have loved.



Adventures in amber 2014 by artsydhude


Letting go

Will you remember me
As i remember you
Let life and love process you
Let it make your fate and destiny
As one as the the same
Will you remember yesterday
Can you be here tommorow
May my sun be thine darkest heart
my moon the light of my life
Will you ever forgive me?
If i loved you so
So very much
I could not let go.
I loved you
I need to
Coz you loved me
How i wish i can see you
Hold you in my arms and finally
Let you be free of me.


I wont remember you
Because you are here in me
You are my memory
Of love and joy
My one lasting memory
Of what love is and meant for me.
I love you my dear
I dont miss you
I have loved you as before


I wont remember you
Because you are me
My extenstion
My counterpart
The one friend that revealed to me
That a real lasting one
Needs to be let go
I loved you
Did you ever loved me?
As i always will.

The inspiration 2007 by artsydhude

Need you

Id rather do it with you,

Than these people who keeps me on my knees.

Id rather spend it with you,

All the way watching pure movies with nonsense.

Id rather be with you,

Than watch all these geezers shout, yell and complain.

Being with you,

Tells me im human and need of ears to listen.

Being with you,

Tells me i need to shut it at times of my silence.


Now it seems this love

Or hate

Would never be the same;

Coz you have seduced my life with my frame

Coz you made my life incomplete without regret or remorse.

It would seem id hate to love you

That this wanting and needing of love and hate at the same

Makes me more sane than stable.

Id rather think im immovable but for the love of your voice




Shouting my name

Yelling to the point of no return,

Really makes my day complete

And my night to be the same as previous ones.

Redo the day


If love could only stay with u
How can i ever give it
Without remorse,regret,rebuke
Sure keep saying it
Sure keep the touching

When will i stop

All u do is take
Keep insulting my
Self worth

How to give everything
How can i even think
Why do i even wake up

A memory is a butterfly
But its trails a moth
Which i am nothing anymore but

A flame that never dies and ignites
When u put that stress upon stress

Love can use u
Love abuses u
But for u
I am both

Undying love


How to love someone
Is an art
How to care for somebody
Is always a feeling

But to love you
I need to begin
with myself
With I have

This time around
All my love for you
Will come with a price

My dear baby
It is the sacrifice I can, will and keep making it

As time goes by
May my kisses
Go deep
So at least I can sleep



To age is to become more finer than any wine
Maturity has nothing on you coz baby you are still you

I have become more aware that you are you now than before
This heart of mine may it long for you
May it yearn for you
Oh how I love you

Age is a number that we all measure
But baby you are my treasure

I have loved you since then,
Still loving you now
And will love you the same
For ever

Happy birthday my baby. 

To be in love with life


Once there was this guy, who kept looking for love. Although he would never have the one who really he wanted.  Yet when he saw this girl that he knew from the distant past.  He then tried risking everything on that ill fated night,  since then till now he still loves her the same.
No matter how many things have happened,  he still tries to hold it in,  and giving everything he got, in so doing,  he has nothing left more to give,  except his own sanity.

Time goes by so fast in 2 years time both of us had good blessing which was our daughter, phoebe


Although she is a handful and 5 to 1 ratio, she is very agile, active and a very extraordinary girl, my lil supergirl.

I am proud to say that I have the two babies that I am taking care of and very pleased with our life now.

The Lord provided me with a very good feeling that I can be responsible for and be loved at the same time with my two babies



You keep sayingy those lines
I feel nothing anymore
You just want to say it
I don’t feel it

I give it
I feel it
I say it
It is uttered to you
I give it all
All of me

When you say it
Can’t even feel it

You have become those who I dread
You have changed

I dare not say it
I can’t even feel it

My warmth has ebb fully
I only have my hands
To culture me

Love is nothing but a four letter word