On that scene alone

was i shattered

did i get devastated,

rather to think so

i re-live it:

As Isildur took his narsil

in contempt of Sauron

as he willed it

and took what is his last hope

took that ring finger off

and Hope

flowered and blossomed in the air.

A symbol in which i alone in my life

keep going,

Hope for myself

to take up

and be courageous enough

and stand up

just to know something will blossom into fruition


Why my precious, why

Did i leave my home

cared not of all these wretched souls

then why i left My home.

Because my precious has been stolen

I will have you back

I will have you

You are the only love i know,

you cared for me

you gave me life

you give me misery


you and i

need to belong to each other

i need you

i want you

i must have you back

my precious



artsydhude 2007



In your dead eyes
I see nothing but a puppet
I am
I would be
Will always be
Your Master
Whether now and then

You are mine to begin with
I am nothing without my children
You are the first
And wouldnt be last

I am your lordship wherever i am near you
I become you when i am far

For now you will be mine
Forever i am not
For now i am your marionette
Strings for your web
Of lies
Maligned deceptions and will never be among them

In the clutches


Ferocity unmatched
Your eyes darts into mine
Nothing I can do,  can match your speed

Beren o mighty Beren where for art thou
Huan my friend come hither to thy side
Luthien my dear sing so
Tevildo can be still,
As I escape from these halls
of misery
Of pain
Of suffering

I hunger to see my lovely Fangorn
I am need of air of Rohan
And want to run among the goblins of entmoor

Sweet branch


Your luster is your power
Your bark is much smoother than any otter

A faint smile ever so inviting
A branch of your saplings are cool to touch

Some say you are a myth
To me your a legend
A goddess of this foliage

Ahh sweet petunia
Your sweet scent makes me uproot from where I stand

in the book of Lost tales of beleriand and lore of Silmarillion, also Bombadil told the Hobbits of Entwives that resided in Fangorn.



Clad in black
Your penance is to do his bidding
Equestrian or in flight
Your screams eloquent
Wails as the wind itself

In his design you are bound in to his will
Yet one living halfling will be your salvation
In the end nothing will save your demise
As long as the eye have you
You in turn will be his

Goodbye Mirkwood


Such as this is so barren
Fangorn here I come
In these branches I am claustrophobic
To these dried floor you call mud
There are no will’o’wisp that I can see
Even there are no elves that care enough to give us

Bah Mirkwood,  of all places why I stay
Then my question remain where do I go?
Some weary traveler I once heard,  Fangorn should be good
I know not where it is
Thus I uproot myself and time to leave this wretched place
Goodbye Mirkwood

Forsake thy master


I claim thee unto me thy sting
I proclaim you foul ring

For you are that bane which encased us all
Into your account of malice and treachery

I’d like to march upon the gates of Cirith Ungol
And would claim that which we sought to destroy

All upon the hair of my feet I will claim these

But no your master is at the mercy of a venom of another
I shall not want

Samwise Gamgee’s soliloquy after claiming sting and the one ring



In your rage they have become united
From your devices of malice
Manwe gave men, elves and dwarves to fight for

From an age where beginnings are created
Your dedication to undo men
Balrogs came
Your dedication to usurp elves
Orcs came
Your defiance made this land to unite against you.

This round you lose
To spite everyone your evilness attracted one
One who would undo your life
Thus enter Sauron