R u insultating me?

Wownaman at eto nanaman tayo,

lamkona nga eh.

Halos ilaglagang bikini mong itim.

To my wonder and as i would have wander about,

that this purse of a wallet,

has none yet all that i have laboured from Herakles’ 4th task,

has not made me for who and what I may have acquired,

but a low hand maiden of his club hand.


For every step


Looking for the day
That you come my way
Searching for the words
To say when you are near
When you get by
I stutter and try
You smile and smirk
I fumble to stumble

The next time you said something
I falter in something
I sunk when it crumbles

Into my mess of tears
Only to know
I have been misled