This bottle of . . .


I am trying to look. . .

for you,

for reasons,

of excuses.

The void which can be emptied and be filled,

Yet still be of nothing and something in between.

I asked it,

It told me.

Go out breathe that which is free,

Go out stand amongst the weightless water.

Go out and run into all hills of others.

You will see,

You will touch,

You can smell,

All that is and be all that can never be yours.

In some sense it was and will always be yours not to take nor make.

Only time will love you for what you are,

Not the one you are becoming,

Breathe damn fool,



© Oliver Melendez

® Ohms, Artsydhude



Shining smiles

As we bare our smile

we learn to 

bite the things we can afford

chomp our way out of anything

chew life slowly,

Will i smile,

will i grin,

or smirk

in the face

of anything that anyone can

throw at me.


one voice told me


knowingly everything will crumble


coz no one knows how your life is such a lemon.


Smile and see where it can lead to.

In it Again


Above water
Under ground
I am the middle terran
Nowhere to go but here to stand on this bare earth.

One is older
The other younger
Opposing factor is experience
Another youth,

Then why am i here for…
Runner of things
Id go in circles til
My steam is way too much
Or be off the ground and fly
Boundless and limitless.

Ahh sweet chains
The ball that which makes me grounds
To all outlets of mine

Stuck in
Sticking in again.

Which side do i give in, or be the joke in the middle.



With two hands I am whole
On my right
My shield

I move up and flurry
I back then defend
I slide I deflect
I step block

Two sticks
Makes me know what to expect
Makes me more than a idea
Makes me more dangerous

But does it make me any wiser
A foolhearted warrior
An arrogant man
Or do I seem smug and conceited?

Undying love


How to love someone
Is an art
How to care for somebody
Is always a feeling

But to love you
I need to begin
with myself
With I have

This time around
All my love for you
Will come with a price

My dear baby
It is the sacrifice I can, will and keep making it

As time goes by
May my kisses
Go deep
So at least I can sleep

Roots go deep


These roots are mine
They go deep
Mine alone
My problem
My stressor

Thus far I am rooted in my own
This is my own
My choice
My life

Structure, foundation and groundwork
Are my branches
As my leaves die, so will I
In time I’ll grow somewhere else
You’ll see my life won’t be anything but change