In the clutches


Ferocity unmatched
Your eyes darts into mine
Nothing I can do,  can match your speed

Beren o mighty Beren where for art thou
Huan my friend come hither to thy side
Luthien my dear sing so
Tevildo can be still,
As I escape from these halls
of misery
Of pain
Of suffering

I hunger to see my lovely Fangorn
I am need of air of Rohan
And want to run among the goblins of entmoor


Goodbye Mirkwood


Such as this is so barren
Fangorn here I come
In these branches I am claustrophobic
To these dried floor you call mud
There are no will’o’wisp that I can see
Even there are no elves that care enough to give us

Bah Mirkwood,  of all places why I stay
Then my question remain where do I go?
Some weary traveler I once heard,  Fangorn should be good
I know not where it is
Thus I uproot myself and time to leave this wretched place
Goodbye Mirkwood



In your rage they have become united
From your devices of malice
Manwe gave men, elves and dwarves to fight for

From an age where beginnings are created
Your dedication to undo men
Balrogs came
Your dedication to usurp elves
Orcs came
Your defiance made this land to unite against you.

This round you lose
To spite everyone your evilness attracted one
One who would undo your life
Thus enter Sauron