R u insultating me?

Wownaman at eto nanaman tayo,

lamkona nga eh.

Halos ilaglagang bikini mong itim.

To my wonder and as i would have wander about,

that this purse of a wallet,

has none yet all that i have laboured from Herakles’ 4th task,

has not made me for who and what I may have acquired,

but a low hand maiden of his club hand.


The journey


Why do women put on make up every day?  In my point of view, it’s their mask that they wear each day. Men don’t need that make up yet they have to put up a front in order to handle each days problem.
In the annals of every hero quest, there lies the mask of the hero, in order to hide from the captor, romantic entanglements,  and the antagonist.

We all have masks to wear day after day,  it’s up to all of us that has to hide beneath it, or show the world our true face.

“I shall not be denied
I put this on
I will make this as my own

Take it
I’ll leave it

Love me for what you see
Leave me how you see me”