Tribunal of the dead.

Fuel and deliver that belief has to be seen, that marks not of sight and felt to the touch. Though doubt, fear and grief is all the same, yet coupled with the remains of the ghost of all past, wreathes to bicker and banter of graves of the mind, thats speaks to you in vampiric order. ♣♦♥♠ Poems and artwork by © Oliver A Melendez Advertisements Continue reading Tribunal of the dead.

Gathering moss

Gather to me my knights, unfold the scales of your mail, as the wraiths of time wail by the second hand that trails. In the dusk of the night, I dar3 tread the path of that beacon at midnight. Then we shall see at dawn, where all things do yawn, in the first hour of the twillight morn I will see your spear, with my that rear of the axe i weild. 🙄🤖😑♦♥🤔🌘 © oliver a. melendez. © all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude @cp2.xi Continue reading Gathering moss

Wings of the dead

I wander, as to wonder, the lands of this dwellers, that my robes cannot, and would not touch the ground, albeit my sinewy ones, chills to my eye. Death did not cast me, nor life wanted not to ressurect me, thus do i will, ever. . . Wander as i worry, wail as to lament. So please if you do see me, look not at me, yet never speak, nor touch, thus your eyes see, the truth lies not in front but never forget what is in past and back of your history. 🤖👾👽🤖🤖👽🤖 © oliver a. melendez. © all … Continue reading Wings of the dead

Shock me over

The will of all that is, that were, that longs to have each other, is that forloned effect, when you had died loving one so obssessively obtused not by life, nor love, nor what ever humor of a horror, that entails and snares my bone to no other lover. 😮🤐😮🤐😮🤐😎😎😀 © oliver a. melendez. © all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude @Vb 47 Continue reading Shock me over