In this world we are surrounded with family, friends and relationships with every body else.
We all have our own families to deal with.

I have mine

It’s so unique that all parents still wants the best for their children.
There comes a time that separation from parents, the thing is my parents are so deep in their turmoil, they spread it like so, just to know they can make my life more miserable than it is.

I have lived all my life knowing nothing but misery.

Now  I am living with my new life, these parents still wants to assert their yoke on me.

Weird, I thought all parents were their for the sake of just being there.
In my case, year after year their persistence ofme coming back to them, is so funny that I just need to laugh it off

“Leave me
Respect me
If you still look at me a I was

Nothing changes

Love me
Leave me

Don’t care which.

Take it
Leave it

Don’t even bother me with it”


In lieu of the past


Look back
Get back
Come home

as I ran I met my life
As I settled I lived

Now that there’s no one to give you respect
You come to me
Bringing your demons
Using everything as your arsenal

Go ahead drag me into my hell again
Go ahead drag that undead pastt into light

Who is really at fault
Can you ever admit it’s your fault
Why I Am like this

He said once to Lot
Don’t look back
They told him never to stare at the gaze of Medusa

Once something set in n stone,
It is and will always be unstuck

Past comes to us t To remind what is
Past tells us to correct it when it repeats

History changes nations
Change comes with a price
The cost of change
Comes at me
And this time
I am ready