Leaked inside out


Cried my last
But to my last
I found a halo inside
A halo of my own
And thats the only
Faith ill ever believe in,

I have to push it out
As i will make it
My habit
Into my fate and destiny
To guide my desired path.

No more questions
No more answers,
Its me.




Go ahead tell me what to say
What to do
Where to go
How to do so.

Thats all i get,
Til i scream and shout.

I hear you,
I feel you,
I know so,
Been there

I want to tell you
That you are not alone.
That is why i am here…
Dont you dare tell me i cant be there for you.

Redo the day


If love could only stay with u
How can i ever give it
Without remorse,regret,rebuke
Sure keep saying it
Sure keep the touching

When will i stop

All u do is take
Keep insulting my
Self worth

How to give everything
How can i even think
Why do i even wake up

A memory is a butterfly
But its trails a moth
Which i am nothing anymore but

A flame that never dies and ignites
When u put that stress upon stress

Love can use u
Love abuses u
But for u
I am both



You keep sayingy those lines
I feel nothing anymore
You just want to say it
I don’t feel it

I give it
I feel it
I say it
It is uttered to you
I give it all
All of me

When you say it
Can’t even feel it

You have become those who I dread
You have changed

I dare not say it
I can’t even feel it

My warmth has ebb fully
I only have my hands
To culture me

Love is nothing but a four letter word