How much pain i am in
When you see nothing
That i do
And all the hurt i am in
When you make me go deeper
Way in my own
Wallowing of tears.

Misery, pain and sorrow
The only friends i know now
At least they are always going to be

And you call yourself my life partner,
The one who vowed under oath
Under your sacrifices mirrored my own.

It is a feral scream
Inside that sounds off
Shouts and growls in and out.


Leaked inside out


Cried my last
But to my last
I found a halo inside
A halo of my own
And thats the only
Faith ill ever believe in,

I have to push it out
As i will make it
My habit
Into my fate and destiny
To guide my desired path.

No more questions
No more answers,
Its me.



Hold true
To something old
And make it anew.

Be you
Stand and deliver as i would shiver
Like you
I am no giver, only a taker.

Stood by and saw the sea
As rocks,brine, and cold water take me
Drowned in my own river
Why should i even dare trickle forth on mine face
When there is nothing to hide.

I will hide when there is nothing more
To see
To hear
And fear that which is never there.