Just another mask

This face is not my face

this suit is of my body

that i sculpted


into something

that kept me alive.

This mantle is my career

i take upon my vengeance

not my own

but someones justice.

A might that is my right to equalize

by not my standard

someone else’s life.

So please take your aim, as i deflect it

and put you where your life in someone’s hold.

This is who I am,

I am the night

I am vengeance

I am Batman.


A single bound


Go ahead leap
Run like the wind
In a blink make it burn

Only in my mind is your adversary
This green rock I hold
I take away from your punch

Fly fly up to the sky
Way up high
Where no one can bother

Save yourself before them
Or else
They try to take it away from you

Warrior princess


Your form
Your grace

Killer curves
Killer looks

A smirk, glance and the eye
So invitingly sensuous

Your feminity
Your compassion

In your Vengeance


It is good that you fostered your own
It was taken from you
You took it upon yourself
To make things right for you

Using nothing but your own resources
Your wits
Your mind

Traveled inside and out of yourself
Traveled the world within your budget

Amidst your loneliness
Crawled under the belly of life

Triumphantly you succeeded in the justice of your vengeance
Vehemently the night is your mistress that which suckled your infinite sorrow

Super powered pencil


A look
A gesture
The action figure

To fly
One falls
Out of the sky

Life is not easy
Holding back
Limiting your own

Time is and always be your ally
People your foe
And finding that
Those close to you would be your greatest test

Some body said it’s not easy being me
When you’re creators struggled as you matured
As when the ink ran out of their quil
As when their mind went from filled next to its emptiness

You flew
You leapt

But in the end,  how will you honor them?

Dedicated to the pioneers of Action Comics