Good times

Share your miserable power so I can be greater than you’ll ever be, Mocked Sauron to his mentor.

This is mine alone, if you do want this then i will put murder in your heart then only then you will be worthy of me, Melkor to Sauron.

Mock conversation of the best villains of Middle Earth.


@FANFIC of Silmarillion.

@rtsydhude Fanart Melkor/Sauron.


Edify yourself

Wanna be educated,

when you dunwanna do nothing,

Read all the old,

sort it into something new,

first for yourself

then share if you do care,

then let me know if you got

schooled by the old schools.

Coz baby,

all old stuff are not quite it seems,

when i is re-read,

you will see when it is tried true.


OAM17.9 P93 © oliver a. melendez

At the height of . . .


Running at the edge of my seat

I see nothing

I feel nothing,

but at the edge of this knife

I know i can.

I know it can,

do i dare

do i dare not to.

Still my brain can function,

I can beat my own deviled thoughts,

and cheat death while I am at it.