Go ahead tell me what to say
What to do
Where to go
How to do so.

Thats all i get,
Til i scream and shout.

I hear you,
I feel you,
I know so,
Been there

I want to tell you
That you are not alone.
That is why i am here…
Dont you dare tell me i cant be there for you.




Be the joy
To enjoy
Has to be in joy.

Countermind your mind
Counter the resentment
Count the blessings
Count on yourself.

Bad, good
Better, worse
What is it for?

Create what you can
Destroy all cans,
So at least change can give you
Some spare change will be.

Three muns 08, ohmz

In it Again


Above water
Under ground
I am the middle terran
Nowhere to go but here to stand on this bare earth.

One is older
The other younger
Opposing factor is experience
Another youth,

Then why am i here for…
Runner of things
Id go in circles til
My steam is way too much
Or be off the ground and fly
Boundless and limitless.

Ahh sweet chains
The ball that which makes me grounds
To all outlets of mine

Stuck in
Sticking in again.

Which side do i give in, or be the joke in the middle.

To rock and to roll


As among here restless
In my waning and waxing strides
I keep pushing
Biding my time
All my efforts still nothing.

A pebble loose
A gravel beneath my sole
Shifting sands grips my heels
Yet a moment of tiredness is all i need to struggle.

Who am i
What have i become
Why did i even bother
Where am i leading to
How did i get here?

Oh yah, limbic realm of what place is this
Still work is work
Struggle more
Live more
How love can make me its slave
Is for it me or them?

Nothing is priceless
Not until it lies beneath your feet.

Its my fate and destiny
Nor my time to worship
Those crimes of my own.

Who am i anyway,
Am i the one who struggles
With my sanity
Or my life?