Direct the flow
When the cup is broken.

Redirect the flow
After the pitcher grows.

Crash the know
Then drink in what needs to be.


Open hand style


Wushu, Karate they have one thing in common, the empty hand versatility. It’s purpose to adapt into anything that one can wield against an opponent.
Deflect, block, redirect and strike are the main components of empty hand. One flows into another and in combination.

“Strike when to strike
Kick like a cobra
Drive the punch
Sweep as to disable
Grapple to subdue
Lock to break the joints
And fly up
Just to fallon in style”

In honor of


Of all masters you are an epitome
Before you

Adaptive attitude is what you preached
Yet ancient masters did like so

We absorbed you
We rejected that which is unnecessary
We look to you for your indomitable spirit

Now that you are gone
Your immortal image is the only thing
We rely and respect