So am i the only one,

to make one.

So am i the only one,

to be the one.

To keep on going,

when all candles

got waxed.

when the fir3 dies,


when all the bulbs,


Why am i doing this,


Must this be always


no matter how much i want,

i simply can not have.

Sure maybe,

if i focus right.

Sure maybe binge all this video’s

if i watch end to end.

Sur3 make my ears bleed,

til i hear no other than a lullybye of Haydn.

How am i to do,

when you cannot even,

or dare not kiss.

when can we?



How do i yearn for you,

when you cannot you can not even try

to make me want you.

How.why. cant I keep my mind of it,

when its a nature that is addicted from its own.

Tell me,



I am my own hero,

I will defend my order of my chaos,

you shall be my villian,

who will always be the one

I am trying to defend,

coz you are the one who put me here in the first place.

Angle me a perception


You say aah,

i cry ooh.

You say this,

I reply then.

You keep shouting,

I yell, why.

Why then are we arguing,

for if we can not even

touch the circumstance

of what we are trying to


Then be silent and lets work,

sort and be industrious on what needs to be.