Skadido #07

In light of dark,

to the dark of light,

we get gray over time,

yet at day the colors remains with

and on that surrounds every step from where light ends

and darkest within begin.


@rstydhude c17j20 “Re colorization”


Full on

Roar once more.

Its not about your confidence,

Its not the things to be one with self.

Cry as a wolf,

Loneliness is not an option,

Its there as your slave to the bone,

commiting itself as your throne.



c15 @rtsydhude, original.

c17 @rtsydhude, re-invizioned, updated.


Hard over time: in betweenie

Time wasn’t easy for us, you of all them never failed me,
That was the time, i keep expecting we will get we wanted.

Time gave you them first,

Distance was my girlfriend that made me love her more than our situation, 

When you decided to be a playboy on your terms.

Never again,

coz you were the one who left before me.


for the memories of CAS,91-17.

the golden friend i’ll ever had