Digital drawing, Dramedy, Parody, poetry, poetry fallacy, quatrian, twisties, Whimsy

As the sun is of be like a moon,

which shines far up above

and make any day,

hell to pay.

I will make the night to be as my day,

than the day is not of my night.



®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

Digital drawing, Dramedy, Parody, poetry, twisties, Whimsy

NsVs x AuVi 88.z:9

. . . if and when,

that all tried to be

then and than.

Else the might of the night,

was not even right.

The sword kept at left,

loved the head than to strike.

I will keep you here inside,

than to;





and complain

at your face

time and again.





Digital drawing, Parody, poetry, twisties, Whimsy

Unwanteds bk2.i8

I will be one of you,

yet I cant be a giant among men.

When I am a mere hobbit amidst an aryan continent,

one of the lost and confused that always looked an indigenous one,

still can carry my own lingo while smoking that language of everyone’s cool factor.



Ya gotta be kidding me right?


So I will encrypt to decrypt 

 to decode and encode while

I whistle from and to work.