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When can a boy 👦, mature; when his life turned over like any varied apple strudle. Tragedy, loss, life ‘s medication. Can we all make a lemon pie with a coconut filling inside.

To turn away in all summer in July ‘s Monsoon at the height where Luzminda gives a boy his life by opening accidentally his third eye.

Sit back, watch Norway’s eye Candy, while Heimdall makes an epic journey with Mimir’s left eye. 

Lastly, don’t axe Geronimo a question before his tomahawk reaches your sock.

Ahhh. . . Tread,

And have a good read.

Till the morn,

While I quest the day on this,Odin’s Day.



These days of THIS & THAT.

1. Chapter me a song

For the second one to be strung.

2. Leave a space between Thrace so Spartacus can try to use his own gladius and break all these Roman bucklers from his rebel base.

3. A page or two so a filler can be a blank space while I make up my mind to leave my past behind.

4. Oh please no more, then only Jackie can beat Jet after which Donnie leave them scarred and beaten. While Granddaddy Man and Sijo Lee can give all of them a real bruised knee. To know they ought to behave or Sammo will punish all them with a big phat foo.

5. Myth me a stanza while i make googly eyes with all of the cuties come my way, yet all of my torpedo way keeps my behavior at bay.

NsVs wuv123

Dearest Debbie and Annie,

You two filled my life with your troubles.

You Annie and your cohort anxiety, you gave me so much chaos.

You made love to my mind and my thoughts, still to this day those love is still welled up in me.

Although your Triple D boobs, Debbie and your hard depressive ways,

you really make me speechless coz that depression did ruined all of my air.

In so doing, you two girls, always bang me up.

I’m on to you.