What manner a beast you are,

that never stops.

only to which I am to give non3,

not love nor lust.

Friendship I need and want to have you.

and none whatsoever of thos3,

insanities what life brings.




Acknowledgement p.

Diem libris.

. . .


– – –

To whom does this life belongs to,

it was always credited to the ones that knew me not,

only to bore me into a life,

may whosoever be the one bare did say,

 “We brought you into this and had invested

in you,

but you will serve us willingly or unwilling.”

 Then that unconditional is never there,

only in my mind.

For them,

I owe my life,

For me;

I do not.



®Artsydhude 97-19


Diem libris.



. . .

The age of my grey hair

may be a mystery to you.

For me,

Its a statement that I have been a thinker

throughout which a life of a sinner,

one day I know I am to be respected in that

court of justice.

Facing a crime of my own intelligence.



® Artsydhude 97-19


I went there.

what is motivation,

when no one pushes,

where all the mouths have been spouted their corrupt tongues.

Why would my past never had me to let go,

to which all I may have still.

How did I get like so.

For the years may have treated me.

And the love that waned.

Nor any of all lust did try.

But only my pain was consistent and considered all attracted its intentions.

Or any of the wanting of my gains that lost on a whim of a bet.

Yet one life to know my love was there to begin and ended my needs that will never be given.

So, yes. 

I am here, 

’19 and no to my 14 when I got here.

Yet I lost all of my underwear in Frisco, 

has been East Hoser,

stayed a semi charged life in Very nice 

cozy bed in Roscoe Blvd via Saticoy st.

As would Bilbo, Frodo and Sam uttered,

 “I’m back”.


” how long this time around,

may time see to me,

and love my only light 

shines from morn to night. ”



®Artsydhude 97-19


Whee hours of 3.

There are certain values do keep,

all of us who see it as a woe and yes in terms of weep.

This crept in as a new Monday’s revelation

while I took in a 3 hour sketching perforation,

of my knees locked incarceration of the love of food.

Do bring in the swollen inflammation.

Y is the love of the letter, yet Z doesn’t given 

any of this insane quatrain of lines 

will not even pertain on a single note.

Aah the dawn beckons.

While I wait for a loving embrace of rain.



®Artsydhude 97-19



. . Is it just when the ice does melt; whereas the fire fire do melt

my tempered attitude willingly deny the truth when your fact is an act

towards not to me.

But you will never admit your mistakes because you still make your egocentric self-defense as,

the one who put me here in this world. 

Here’s Megatron,

use it well let’s see,

so please don’t ever tell me,

I was any Soundwave whom never spoke.

I am not your Decepticon.



®Artsydhude 97-19