6W n 1H

Where is the condition?

What is the Condition?

When did the Condition start?

Why did I condition myself?

Which conditioning can I use?

How much conditioner to use?

Writers do face all dilemma of what to work on,

in actuality its only 5w n 1h,

yet I am to add that last w,

for that changes the conditions of choices.

Its should be the editing phase that all writers use.

yet how to transpose all these into 

rough draft while sketching any types of writing medium.

I would like to ask the bloggers, poetics, and writers alike here in WP community,

how can you make your work flow while some shit still blocks all your work?

thoughts anyone?


In choosing. . .

The road of life doesn’t begin or ends,

we tend to have so many intersection of it.

Will you,

Can you,

But which way.

A. choose me and anything that you do need it will be there.

  1. if this is your path, reply 1i and I’ll see what I can help ya with.

B. choose this way, and it wont be boring as much.

  1. if you do want this way, reply back and I’ll see what info I can make for u.

C. I am hidden, but if U r to take, wanna come with.

  1. This one is a one tough bitch, but can be tolerated enough. reply back and see what can be done.

Feel free to choose any path, and I will be some kind of Virgil to you.

Imaje punto uno.

To see what the past did see.

I am doubledaring myself to use a series of images that does invoke a raw and fuel for the inner core of the self.

In the next few or maybe even a series on or off going pieces, please bare with me as i go through the stages of the

struggle within of myself and maybe a few of you can relate. Until then, lets put Danzig, Cradle of Filth, Kate Bush

and some wierd Beatles songs, and delve within ourselves to see if I can see what did H.R Giger, E.A Poe,and H.P.

Lovecraft and felt their inane babblings within.

Type me a letter.

Take this down anxiety,

I thought i left you behind. The life i once knew was done. Then you do this to me.

Attack me where I am blindsided, knowing that i cannot do a thing about this.

You still creep behind me in the form where I am at weakest, from her.

You know what, you can do anything “u” like, but i will not waver nor falter, coz i know,

If my hope and faith is boosted by none other, then I know how much you can creep up,

or slither in out of my deluded thoughts. You can never win, coz I need not to give up on the one I need to love,


Libris et cella dominia Es.

Can you ever blam3,

when your people suffers.

So please ke3p on going

with all of it,

becuz come on,

u joke and keep the ones,

to beep, skweep and creep

while the innocents are put away first,

the middle ground suffers,

while amomg the proprietors of the upper

keeps the pressure.

So to speak,

go ahead and push,

of all “intelihensycia”

ghuwardia, est

innoxente codicum illum.

aaahhk, my head, silly little head,

keeps the banter ahead.

This is whom

i wanted

i needed

yet why now

when i have an obligation and responsibility to another

I once knew someone like you,

very devout yet a wild one

very carefree but always had duties in check,

the other will always be

the one 

who comforts me

who denies my hate and convert into kindness

who always kept me in line with the divine.

If there is only a way

would there be,

could i find one,

i dunno

i guess

i will never know.

Dear loneliness

To whom it may concern,

My dear friend,
My ally,
My best friend.

You without mercy gave it all when we were young. Now i have admitted in my acceptance in peace. I have been with you all along now that I am married have a kid. You now stand as my mistress that i am loving so dear. In my quiet times you are there. Yet it seems i am not alone all the time, i just have to distance myself from you, but i want you and need you. What juxtaposition i have. What do we do now?



The legacy of multiplicity


Strong you are in deception
Strong you are in multiplicity

A coin
A blade

Sides you are
Faceted you are

Must is a weapon
Want is a tool
Need from your Greed

Sidous in check
Palpatine at the side
Murderer of hearts

First the young
Then the old
All walkers of the star
Are not meant to be
In league, yes
In battle, yes
In sorrow,yes

You are nothing but cloned to your face
Torn apart but duality of your skin
Nevermore after the Zahnic libris
Nevermore by Kasdanic saga
Yes to Lucasix, His and him alone you belong.


For the memory and tribute to the great Count Dooku, Christopher Lee.