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Ka ka T.I. ka.

Walang kasing sarap murahin mo ako,

kahit paano,

Masarap ang pagdinig ko sa mga paglait mo sa akin.

Kasi yang ampalaya mo,

may laman at pagkatapos at wala ka ng masabi.

Ako naman,

Papa liogoan kita ng sabon ng aking


hindi sa Safeguard,

nor Dial.

Maybe I’d use Dove,

for all my loving care.

So you do know,

It’s not how much emotions we go through,

nor at times we choke on our words.

No. . .

not for me,

not for any sake.

not for anything at all.

I will be here,

how much we fall.

I will always be near,

I will always be here.



®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

Digital drawing, poetry, Taglish

Farewell is not

the word I want.

the statement I wish to say.

the only feeling I have.

It was the time spent,

It was all laughter belched.

It was the time I knew of you.

In a moment of the seconds at that memories I do hold.

Para sa inyo ‘tay.

Para sa inyo ang aking alay,

kahit ano pa pwede mong magawa sa anak nyo.

Para sa inyo.






®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

Digital drawing, Dramedy, poetry, Taglish

Unwanteds bk2.i6

Akalain mo ba ang buhay mo ay isang dula,

Wag please.

Akala mo ba ang buhay mo ay isang magandang tele serye,

Wag naman mag isip ng ganyan.

Eto kaya na lan.

Learn to live by your means.

Live as if there is no camera nowhere near you.

Laugh to know you are living large by each microsecond.

Then life is,

life was,

still is in constant flux.

still is in a wave of waters.

and will always be unexpected.

When all these are in play,

then say yes,



in pure orgasmic form.

Make love with life,

and the love with stay.



®artsydhude 97-18


Digital drawing, poetry, Taglish

Ako po ay tatayo. . .

At may sasabihin lahat sa inyo.

Oo alam ko, baha na naman.

Kung nun nag ka isa tayo lahat dahil,

sa ayaw natin at di makaya.

Kaso nga lan, bulsa parati ang rason sa lahat.


Ngawa pa ba tayo dahil di natin magawang mismo,

ang palakad saan man yan mga epal na yan ng puros bibig ang gamit.

Wow ka rug ka naman.

My felllow pinoys and pinays,

I ask of those,

who want a real change.

who wants a real challenge to us all.

Go back,

take back,

Go inside that foundation,

where mouths are winged and wanged,

Yet if we are changed cuz,

A mil or thou waved in front of all us.

Do you think,

Wallet can be burnt?

or flooded coz the way was always

 “I was hungry,

I need sustenance for my family,

I needed that,”

 What then is change,

After a mil changed into 5 peso in front of.

Truth hurts, but my tummy is filled with all the gummy.



®artsydhude 7-18


Digital drawing, poetry, Taglish

The choice. N

The road forked from a big wide unending road into narrow slits.

The north was impassable,

I just came from south,

The west is blocked by boulders upon boulders.

To the east then.

One lunatic ran passed me from the east,

A battle cry coming from his deranged mouth,

 “When you see the Buddha,

You must kill the Buddha.”

 after two minutes of this event,

came another a string of soldiers and a massive army came.

I knew not,I hid.

But before I did,I jumped,

Let loose everything,

Draw whatever blade,

With all of me,

I have cut someone’s head.

Within no less a minute or two,

My flesh and everything of it

Was scattered.

On a whimper of a smile,

I see happiness looking down on me.

I see his jolliness staring,

Telling me I have arrived.

 “You were at the wrong place,

at the right moment and surely

at your life expense, a gwai-lo 

took their life before they ended

an existance.”

 Why do you confuse me more wise old Confucius.

 “Be at peace,

For your earthen body lies in pieces.

Be at peace,

For mankind will never attain,

Doing that which you have done,

without remorse,

without regret,

nor sacrificing a knowledge that cannot be,

only a death from up above, that never lands only to fall.”

An armor of a Japanese with a face of a Chinese.

 “Sobrang tanga ka talaga,

pero. . .

Kahit paano nagawa mo ang kailangan mong

gawin, sa minuto ng wala sa isip, na walang anyo ng punyal mo.

Kahit paano,

sa iyong kakayahan.

Nagawa mo ang tamang asal, hindi maging sundalo o isang lalake,

ano man yan ang nasa isip mo.

Yun lan, dedok at ang katawan mo ngayon ay

Nakasambulat sa lupa.

Walastik, pero.

Nakaya mo.

Galing mo pre.”

I know his face, I know his sash, loved this man,

I revered his legendary name.

Lapu Lapu.

Am I in…

What is attached can be detached,

When do we ever win if everyone loses everything.



®artsydhude 07-18


Digital drawing, free verse, Life, poetry, Taglish

Pw3te #bl.oi:001

Letters to a pader

Oo, anak lan ako.

Ang dapat at katungkolan ko palaging tumulong.

Eh paano kung ang tulong ko sa inyo,

iba na. . .

di ko na alam kung paano ma ibigay.

Paano maging anak kung ang puso nya

punot dulo lahat hinanakit.

Kung ang inyong nakaraan ay sobrang lakas sa inyo,

At ni isang magandang ala ala ay wala,

kundi yun ang nakikita.

Alam ko na kung bakit ako ganito.

Salamat po sa mana nyo sa akin.

Your past is yours,

What you see in it,

will always be yours.

Carry it,

Never let go of it.

Because today I am free,

I may have your namesake,

You may have given my physical essence.

Today I will and be free from you.

I want to see and be with a jolly bellied happy man,

who wants nothing but a long good life.

I am free,

I am taking my past, yes.

I will see all the goodness,

I won’t deny of all the worst,

and yes I am allowing life to be what it needs,

Coz I need to have it behind me.

Not beside me,

Nor beneath me,

And always keep reminding me of what it wants.



®artsydhude 07-18


Digital drawing, Emotional warfare, free verse, Life, poetry, Taglish

Pw3te #bl.oi:011

Letters from a sonne to a faja.

Ang nakaraan dapat maging tapos na.

Halos balikan ko man,

Wala na akong pwede i yak,

wala na akong gawin . . .

Kundi higpit ng leeg. . .

Sakit lan sa puso;

At ano man yang nalalalaytay.

Either nor neither.

Which of a past wont ever get past me,

do love a hunnin makes and flies over and never lands.

Only when it dies the memory begin.



®artsydhude 07-18