A passage in time.



-S1:E2O “Innocents of Ryloth”



Bobba Fett, 

fanart c.’07-17

We all are innocent

until some one gives us,

a hand,

a tool,

a way of progress.

In that succession, 

we all want the same thing in life,

the need of our greed compasses and never stops,

thus the means to,

is nev3r adjusted,

is nev3r accomplished.

It is accquired until,

the wants of all our greed,

is an unnecessarry need.

Me, you and we all are accoounted for it,

we dont want it

Yet is a tipping point.

Still in the heaven’s way ,

they want no one but the innocent,

In the subscription of me,

 I believe,
the innocents gets to have it all.

The first ones

are innocent.

gets the free pass.

are the ones to get saved.

are the examples.

are the first,

in order for us to live.


I am Sith.

I am not anger nor your hate,

I am not your vengeance nor to be avenged, and never your revenge.

I am not your dynasty, nor your empirical rule of your tyranny.

I am sith,

I am my weapon,

I am destruction,

Never your mercenary,

Never your stormtrooper,

my greed is nothing,

Because a true sith

deals only,

to destroy,

to seek balance,

to seek none but apathy of my own pride.

I am Sith. . .
For the life and memory from Bane to Vader.




lucasfilms ltd,

DISNEY entertainment.

All rights thereof.

In my solace

Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

-p49. Laying plans 1:22b

The art of war, Sun Tzu

Be my sith,

Be mine forever,

As with my rage and anger boils,

we will not inherit the universe,

We are it,

For i am and will always before

You are my after.

They will suffer,

that order 

that which persecute us,

that whom have become what we always wanted to be.

At last the Jedi

will always be,

and here we are

to justify their own grief,

in their pain we take no joy,

solace and serenity in our loneliness.

serendipity and ambivalence with our pain.

Yes much hatred we be,

at least, 

there will always two,

then why am i the only one standing here

at the edge of my existence.

In memoria et

Darth Bane



2009c. fanart: SW


Once was

a son,

a pupil,

a friend,

a brother,

a lover,

almost a father and husband.

Now decrepit in your own hell

and its own master

because of a twisted love

that decayed from someone who you thought 

was a father to you.

Anakin you are redeemed not by a love of a son nor a daughter

You are redeemed

by your own.


For the loving grace that follows

David Prowse

James Earl Jones

Sebastian Shaw

Hayden Christensen


George Lucas.


Darth Vader


under Disney Entertainment

Without your…

You came to us as one who needed help

a droid carrying your message

but the real one it seems evident

that your spirit is and was 

and will be 

the stronger force behind the one who wields it.

Your message of hope 

that was given

that was transferred

in the databanks of immortality

in which no men can hide

coz in your femininity

is much more realized by your surviving mentality.

I salute you my dear Ms. Organa

yet another Skywalker for the fact

and shall be forever 

Leia Organa Skywalker Solo

but in fact a real princess

all along in the known reality of what should be…

For Carrie Fischer


Leia Organa Skywalker Solo


all rights reserved under DISNEY entertainment


Fanart by artsydhude 2015

Reconfigurative purposes

You became that which no one wanted

yet was one among them,

you became what he could not,

your prescence there as one that many masks that any one can write into

but your not,

they say you killed yoir father in the screen

some say you killed your cousin in the printed word

some even said,

you did the thing that most really despise you,

your grandfather,

but hey

what is balance anyway.

When good is not good,

when bad is not bad,

there you will be,

Fear not

coz you didnt fear

like your Uncle before you.

Now Little Jacen,

or Caedus

or whatever you fall under,

Jaina will be there 

or was it

or is it, 



Maybe its just a Skywalker thing,

that a Starkiller couldnt.


Darth Caedus

Jacen Organa Solo


All rights reserved LUCASFILMS and DISNEY entertainment

This is your life

The day you walked into 

that bar

the day you came with

is the day i knew 

my life would have so much

a life of doubt



in torment

despite your advice

you becoming a mentor in 20 to 30 minutes of the frames

you were larger than my imagination,

you became a vivid



dream that faded in my memory

that resided in my darkest hour

that saw me in my triumphs.

Obi wan Kenobi,

you are without a doubt

the one 

who gave me this.

As it hums,



in a casing where it lies.

You are here, and this 

is my life.


Obi wan Kenobi

LUCASFILM characters

all rights reserved under 

DISNEY entertainment

Come inside and try to

learn yourself,

learn the things that can make you




of yourself,

what can you unlearn

when one cannot even believe in oneself.

when one cannot even learn to harness the potential

where to see and not how to cultivate.

What then is education

when it is for self,

not others

not even the cause of others significance,

you are not your own


fear is toward inside,

when you can you use fear 

for what it can be used for.




all rights reserved LUCASFILMS

division of  DISNEY entertainment

Humming in the wind

Sheathe to unsheathe from this button i press

The color represents my rank

The rage from this blade i cannot hide

Be sith or a jedi

I am not,

but the factions remains the same.

Passions of live on edge,

Mindless wisdom on the tip where it isnt.

My life is without it,

Im its slave,

I can live without it.

Dont dare agitate

coz you will be 

on the end of it.

Jedi be,


Sith I am.

I am a slave

of its blade.



by artsydhude 2008