To Fangorn from Mirkwood.

Pencil rough to outline

Finished without enhancement.


Good times

Share your miserable power so I can be greater than you’ll ever be, Mocked Sauron to his mentor.

This is mine alone, if you do want this then i will put murder in your heart then only then you will be worthy of me, Melkor to Sauron.

Mock conversation of the best villains of Middle Earth.


@FANFIC of Silmarillion.

@rtsydhude Fanart Melkor/Sauron.

To succeed; after all

Sweet sweet days of old,

a young virile promise of dreams afoot.

An old song battered yet remains in thought and memory

as Luthien wore out Tinuvil’s song.

as Beren would be laughing with Huan on this one.

I will always cherish  as my Pandora’s dream.

It will remain the gospel of my future.

As i will walk and carry no more,

leaving Golgotha behind,

never being Lot about it.


c17j17 @rtsydhude

The way of the lamb

It is the only way, to death or to life, said Turambar.

-p140. “The death of Glaurung”, Narn I hin Hurin

Unfinished Tales.

I am a lamb,
lead me on,

i will not believe,

i will not listen.

Go ahead use the crook of yours and hit

all you want,

i will be led.

Not but by you.

Go ahead offer me up

and see if you get that Dragon to woken up.

Thing is when then last one is slain,

where would you go.

So please keep

all of us 

be abused

and see who gets

the sow, when your ass is the line

owned and sowned.


April c17