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The policy of the heart

What mind can work,

when its fue! is toxic.

What can a heart take,

when its oi! radiates a poison.

Then to take nothing of any cake,

Turn the sugar as an additive 

than be diabetic of it.

Only when those things 

can be a nutrient and supplements

the root of it all;

my attitude and behavior towards

the life I want,

the life I need,

the life I have to take.

the life I need to want and shall stop

all my mind’s journey towards the mountain

of all Balrogs I can face.



ยฎartsydhude 7-18


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NsVs bz.8m

The weight of this mask is unbearable.

As with Frodo ‘s thinly smile wavers in and out,

Sam will always be cheerful as Mordor lies over my heart.

This light sword I take,

As with Aragorn’s buckler on his left,

By the side of Legolas’ knocked tips,

To Gimli’s chuckle.

My feet will run,

My mind sprint,

My heart will walk

Until I see none only to be at the road far side from Mirkwood to Fangorn.

And Yes,

My mind will rest easy,

If Saruman will grin with an evil laugh with Sauron at his heel,

And keep all orcs at bay.

Fantasy, Tolkien

NsVs xuv234

Go ahead and smoke um, Pippin.

Go ahead eat them all Merry.

Purse your lips, so all of us want to kiss you, Legolas.

Swoon and sing me a smirk a cute blush under, mighty Aragorn.

Why am I so stuck here, with a monocle with a bleak smile

As I keep reading and watching.

Aah for the love of being a nerd, a dweeb and would love Eowyn with all

her dirt ash blonde by my side.

The joys of a world,

in a world,

that was never,

now realized

in New Zealand.

Mythology, Norsk, poetry, Tolkien


9 days equals to half a week to get me through.

9 nights, 9 days did Odin got through and be Runic about it.

9 men turned into something new because of one, that

9 fingered Frodo left us with a fantasy compared to none.


@rt by @rtsydhude

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