NsVs xuv234

Go ahead and smoke um, Pippin.

Go ahead eat them all Merry.

Purse your lips, so all of us want to kiss you, Legolas.

Swoon and sing me a smirk a cute blush under, mighty Aragorn.

Why am I so stuck here, with a monocle with a bleak smile

As I keep reading and watching.

Aah for the love of being a nerd, a dweeb and would love Eowyn with all

her dirt ash blonde by my side.

The joys of a world,

in a world,

that was never,

now realized

in New Zealand.


Progressio circa 09.

Morgoth and Sauron

Angband halls

fill-in background



Fanart by oam/artsydude.



UNV 5022

… the memory of a pen

that fills this page,

a pencil went looking

for it’s future.

It saw the memory

of the vale of Kor-tirion,

it ached and gasp tears

of graphite fears.



9 days equals to half a week to get me through.

9 nights, 9 days did Odin got through and be Runic about it.

9 men turned into something new because of one, that

9 fingered Frodo left us with a fantasy compared to none.


@rt by @rtsydhude

vb. 98 / b2.07



from Denethor you are recieved,

from Boromir you are percieved,

from Faramir you are believed. . .

to Eowyn of power,

of Arwen in her stature,

and Galadriels’ tears you remain loved.

Who bore you, mighty You?


Tolkien fan-work.


To be something to someone.

Huan told me,

That Beren was a good one.

That Hurin did nothing

of any sort to be a good father.

But Dale did something

so he knows he did try

to fell a magnificent one.

All we are none without our loved ones.