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An Unexpected journey

JRR TOLKIEN’S “The Hobbit or There and back again”

 “I would have doubted me anyway”

-Bilbo Baggins(Martin Freeman)

Film Adaptation by Peter Jackson & co.


Why do we all doubt.

In some manner in my personal experience and in the past I knew what it meant to doubt my ability and my worthiness among the things stood out that it wasn’t the doubt casting.

I was questioning the work and all of my efforts I have have to myself.

No matter how much and many times I saw that scene almost at the end,

Willing to accept his(thorin) demise yet Bilbo had willingly gave his sword and just to know he had to do something.

Within that I am not to compare my own deeds and all I can go do everything on my accord knowingly the consequences. I didn’t think not flinch just to know I have and had to see it through as much as I can go.

I have and had given all of my ‘sword arm’s and want to see where the fate of my faith in others. Yes I do regard why we must try to use,doubt as a walking stick rather than to shame and blame first to ourselves and others. 

In a negative twist that when someone does give you that either you will sink or make a motivation out of it.


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