from Denethor you are recieved,

from Boromir you are percieved,

from Faramir you are believed. . .

to Eowyn of power,

of Arwen in her stature,

and Galadriels’ tears you remain loved.

Who bore you, mighty You?


Tolkien fan-work.



“When one has killed that dragon,

one has become The Child.”

-In the Field, p21

A Joseph Campbell Companion, Osbon.


Did i just Irked you to the max,

Have i unleashed your potential,

Are you ready to smoke and spread your tiny Smaug inside you.


Are you that stupid to make Eowyn out of me,

that it takes my feminine side to hear you wail like an Uruk-hai.


Then it seems to me,

From the blackest of your dead hand,

I can slay you,

just like that,

knowingly your attitude and behavior will make you

as a child would,

if someone would take your possession just like that.

@rtsydhude, c17m

Lined glorium.

Where are you

When i need you most

When i have to face my battles

Then that monster comes into view

the shadow

the fear

the doubt

and all things gather round.

My heart is no longer there

My sword is broken

My hands not working

Then why does my eye

see the myriad of the sky

asking me

Get up

Get up

You have time

Dont mind your mind

Dont try, do

Dont cry, just . . .

Get up

Get up


You can


You will…

Never surrender

until you see


but the abyss looking at you…

Says the sky.


It stings


The Hobbit



2017 recoloured