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The weight of this mask is unbearable.

As with Frodo ‘s thinly smile wavers in and out,

Sam will always be cheerful as Mordor lies over my heart.

This light sword I take,

As with Aragorn’s buckler on his left,

By the side of Legolas’ knocked tips,

To Gimli’s chuckle.

My feet will run,

My mind sprint,

My heart will walk

Until I see none only to be at the road far side from Mirkwood to Fangorn.

And Yes,

My mind will rest easy,

If Saruman will grin with an evil laugh with Sauron at his heel,

And keep all orcs at bay.



from Denethor you are recieved,

from Boromir you are percieved,

from Faramir you are believed. . .

to Eowyn of power,

of Arwen in her stature,

and Galadriels’ tears you remain loved.

Who bore you, mighty You?


Tolkien fan-work.

Em. prompt. u… 00.a

D.aily R.andom Q.uoted V.erse

”  1. . . . , The art of war is of vital importance to the State.”

—–>>>ยคยค SUN TZU.

—>ยค The art of war.
to what end of all it,

why does the state of it

but yes

it promotes

it does have a cause

to which Orcs and Goblins

grunt, smishes, smashes, shouting matches

yet an innocent fresh meats in the process

gets swallowed whole.

Yet in the affairs of any state,

we are to be minded, and to remind

that which can be capitalized

and if what happens

on any given terms,

us hobbits,

need to know one thing.

To the prancing pony we go,

to the prancing pony we down a pint.

Let anybody know,

where Merry only knew

what it meant to be

a vital importance

of any given state.


Tracing paper and pencil

April c.17


Comrade at arms

A mighty word

bonded with a writ of swords

concluded with a good deed

with all the best intentions.

Of Gondor’s faith

of Gondor’s will

You accepted none

but tried salvation

not for you

not for them,

alas with the last arrow

you took 

you protected

you saved no one

but yourself

to admit

and rectified,

coz you

redeemed it

all at once

and for all.


Sean Bean


Fellowship of the ring.

An adventure like no other

O’ er the hills

and far away

I see a golden coin

like no other,

yet a scorch and and indentation

near the edge.

I took it

and left that

Prancing Pony Inn

and ask for the 

one who banged up the hall

in an uproar.


Alan Lee, John Howe

Lord of the Rings illustration.