When the

Turtle spoke to the rabbit,

it said,

Here we are to set the stage,

we will fright them all with all we got,

The rabbit kept the eye,

while the turtle left in a slow jam.

All animals society waited for the turtle

while the rabbit listened fast enough to see the setup they would be.


@rtsydhude c17m26=รท-:=Adventuress โ—‹โ—โ—‹โ—โ—‹โ—โ—‹โ—โ—‹โ–กโ– โ–กโ™กโ™กโ™ก


Libris et cella dominia Es.

Can you ever blam3,

when your people suffers.

So please ke3p on going

with all of it,

becuz come on,

u joke and keep the ones,

to beep, skweep and creep

while the innocents are put away first,

the middle ground suffers,

while amomg the proprietors of the upper

keeps the pressure.

So to speak,

go ahead and push,

of all “intelihensycia”

ghuwardia, est

innoxente codicum illum.

aaahhk, my head, silly little head,

keeps the banter ahead.

Victory road

As i turn into that corner

that all my air knocking out of me

no more step i can make,

Thing is i can hear it grunting and slowing its huffing.

My twine almost near its end.

Can’t think

need rest,

still the huffing is getting louder,

the grunts have more anger in them.

Can I step without slumping.

I need to do something yet i cant move at all.

Lights partly dimming,

I am so close

very close to the victory,

I need rest.

Ariadne where are you, Ariadne Where r u.

ใ€Šใ€Š<< tbc. . . 

Arms way high 2015 artsydhude

Sheezrakee v1: round 1

Thine eyes are mine and not to behold yet this octopod of limbs can give you life and death and yet i

see nothing and everything that is and shall be my own abberation.

Ask me

who am i 

to you,

asl me 

what am i

to do,

when you get in my range


Dance about

move about

and keep running

when i get in . . .


Batobot 2007

Run pt.5

1789, Boston. Xavier Cromwell has perfected a hydrogen fuel. A fateful night in the late december 1789, seven days before christmass came a stranger convinced Mr. Cromwell first to sell the paper for hydrogen fuel. Mr Cromwell and his legacy never dealt with poverty since that eventful day which he gave a theory in which water can be turned into a greater fluid for any locomotive, automotive or any of the sort. 


Three days before Troi Ah Te’ Lek, rebelled and took the prototype of HOP transport, had the knowledge of his brethen who took a theorem of Hydrogen fuel took it to the stars and exceeded the achievement for humans in third earth. He knew of the name who gave the Hydrogen fuel to the visiting Zadokian then in 1898. That was why he wanted nothing but to watch the extraordinary event that took place in that era.

Now he is about to die in the year 1948, he didnt want all this, but he had to and pulled that trigger.


“Mr Kaperch, why are you staring intently into a blank scren”asked the private.

“I know why they are here.”

“What are you talking about?”, asked again the private.

“Tell your staff sargeant, to stand down and buy me time, if not its the end of everything.”


“Then we all are dead, if you will not take me seriously.”


With two hands in the air Kaperch and said 

“I duncare no more, we mankind has lost all hope, all hope of living because of people like you, who thinks nothing more to be a puppet first of the system and of our own thinking. I simply duncare. The rest of mankind depends on you. Go ahead mock me, go ahead ignore me, we are dead because you, private cant make a conclusion at least hear me out and make me plea for us humans. I simply do not care anymore.”

“As you said I simply do not care.”, and with that the future ended there.


It was an endgame strategy for all world decision. They took the bait of the Zadoks, and retaliated.

In a day, The world plummetted into a chaos. Two days, near apocalyptic end.The third day, all means of life in Third earth was near at its bitter end.


end trnasmission….

Dear Education,

Ive got a bone to pick when archaeology picks up theology

As its bible tend to prophised theology comes first then biology

Made a fool out of chemistry, after which has no bearing when its

Dreaming of physics while dreaming of astrology, ahhh what 

Then is the use of sociology, when psychology cant even dicpher

Its pharmocology and its own zoology of its kind. Ahhhk my 

Neurogolist once told me, politics of science has no bearing here

In my noggin while all these verse put aside and prose to be left

Behind, while all quatrains cannot be refrained in to a quips of

Notion,concepts,ideas and the list goes into an essay of a 

Paragraph that can not contained in or any statement of a


Ziggster by artsydhude 2016

Run, pt4

“‘Troi isnt it’, ‘i am zadokian and they will come for you'”. Kent Kaperch heard the news today that the aliens calling themselves ‘Zadokians’ has landed. 

He knew what the world would led to, if the world would retailiate and make that move that the aliens wanted. For he himself watch Troi Ah te lek died 60 years ago on that table.

A stun vaporizer gun held by that alien, it took the weapon held it up from its own chin and took his own life. Kent knew nothing then about aliens and all that technology.
1948 November 5

“Acti nyoregi Troi”

“Ayhnn nect toi Hatpathi”

A booming loud noise as the positron magnetic discharge after Troi pressed the hop sequence, although he wanted to traveled to 1848 and witness the Zadokian empire first landing on Aldeberran. He made a crucial mistake of the digits, prior to pressing the activation sequence


Hop tech is almost complete at the year 2023 earth year, it was Kent Kaperch’s baby on timewarped wormhole. Now that all Aeuronautics have united to move on with the Mars Initiate Program.


Troi crash landed at unknown part of third earth. 90% of life support is drained and his vitals are waning to the last drop, figures came in and out of his hop vessel. He was lifted  and put on a stretcher. It took all his spiritual essense and took his own life with his vaporizer up to his chin saying in human common language “You people have no morals, let me die peace!!!” As Troi ah te lek slumped on the floor.