Dha Avenging Fhivaz: Destroy to create

Any of the path will be assimilated,

through which none of my limbs can mutter.

This I command.

Under the helm of my hand of destruction.

Under the bidding not of the two maniacs I have leash on.

For us three ,

I alone can

destroy one

syllable of my own.

So be it.

I see my quarry,

A nourishing promise,

A flurry of whatever I can destroy under the tip of all the beams.

Ahhh, destruction my sweet mistress here I come.


ยฎartsydhude 97-18



Dha Avenging Fivahz.

Mirrored secz.00001


Dha five returned into the tenth planet.

Three of them want wanton destruction.

One wanted to create.

The last to propagate and foster life,

where it can.

This is the story of the five who spread among the seeds upon all planes;

up. . .

down . . .

left . . .

right. . .




ยฎartsydhude 97-18


Libris et cella dominia Es.

Can you ever blam3,

when your people suffers.

So please ke3p on going

with all of it,

becuz come on,

u joke and keep the ones,

to beep, skweep and creep

while the innocents are put away first,

the middle ground suffers,

while amomg the proprietors of the upper

keeps the pressure.

So to speak,

go ahead and push,

of all “intelihensycia”

ghuwardia, est

innoxente codicum illum.

aaahhk, my head, silly little head,

keeps the banter ahead.

Sheezrakee v1: round 3

Keep trying my patience

so please keep asking your wish

but when your time is up

let see who will wish

you could not

even wished me

at all

well accidents are accidents

you found me

disturbed my slumber

stirred this old bottle

I accepted my fate and destiny

so go

craft your mind

and keep wishing

for anything


coz of your imagination 

makes you

a slave

and will be lazy enough

when you have it all


Batobot 2007


Sheezrakee v1: round 2

Fee fie


Fee Fi

aww come on

Fee foe


Now this suits me

and this lil one took my mp3

thats the only thing makes me smile.

Come on, now you make me get down in that filth

only to be



and be told 

that i

have a hormone growth problem.

Really when i get my lil mp3 you will be sorry. 


Batobot 2007


Reconfigurative purposes

You became that which no one wanted

yet was one among them,

you became what he could not,

your prescence there as one that many masks that any one can write into

but your not,

they say you killed yoir father in the screen

some say you killed your cousin in the printed word

some even said,

you did the thing that most really despise you,

your grandfather,

but hey

what is balance anyway.

When good is not good,

when bad is not bad,

there you will be,

Fear not

coz you didnt fear

like your Uncle before you.

Now Little Jacen,

or Caedus

or whatever you fall under,

Jaina will be there 

or was it

or is it, 



Maybe its just a Skywalker thing,

that a Starkiller couldnt.


Darth Caedus

Jacen Organa Solo


All rights reserved LUCASFILMS and DISNEY entertainment