NsVs aeio.i22

The Id was walking with Self,

It took its hand and gave a reassuring loving pressure.

Then Ego saw everything and it became jealous in an instant.

While super ego remained silent yet felt lonesome and wanted to comfort ego.

Attitude came along and crept around ego and told it that envy and jealousy can murder your heart,

It was telling ego let it go for it wont do him any good besides superego needs to be comforted by you.


UNV 20211

. . .

Samson was bald to begin,

yet a lock of hair

gave enough for

me to realize,
Why shave when my 5 pm can be 6 am.

Or does my chinny chin chin,

goatee make me look like Bacchus..

Or are we men that never loved anyone

but our ego.

but our smarts.

That we all have suppressed

that factor where we buckle,

under a love of narcissism

that will always be echoed

in my longing.

Journal entry 1ay

The fact remains of any being,

and thereof anything in dormant,

and or unstable of instability of

what is and not,

could b3 in fact,

lif3 is not what it would,could or should

be never the same,

if the constant consistency of change is or maybe compromised,

by one entity.


then u know u r alive and well,

no matter what,

u will exist on

a mere fact.

Coz u thunk’d,

before even moving a muscle.