Soc-pol-sci-rel. Ish I.1ihs

Upon Eve’s submission. I am none but my grandmama’s listener. With Lilith’s consent, I can be her consenting consort. Time unfold from ages to all rages. We as men knew and knows we can be, or cannot be good to the ones we need. Yet who is really must be blamed for. If all problems are pointed to an intangible and subject to mankind’s weakness. Aren’t we all to blamed, Aren’t we all to be shamed. Can’t all of those whose needs to be met, are not of but wants. are needy of humanities desire. Emotions are inconclusive, are incoherent. … Continue reading Soc-pol-sci-rel. Ish I.1ihs

NsVs x AuVi z.56i

. . . toss me a coal, where my mind will burn it with a single stress, that none can compare. . . . but then in physical my body shivers from the cold winter’s air, yet your words sparked and still burns deep within me that fuels me to the core. So doing, A body in ache, a fire demon embers deepening in my heart, If I let go, of that which hinders me, then i can survive physically, mentally.  I need more coal to kill myself on words I keep looking to make myself stress more. And yes … Continue reading NsVs x AuVi z.56i

Pwm 2a.z3

To my Super-ego go away. You have been a bane on my back, telling me that pride is nothing, go me I’d rather not. To you, Ego. You should have at least gave me a sense of decency, to show some or little humility, still you back Super-ego up. I cannot, I will not, There’s no one to defend me, only an obtuse and bewildered lessons of my own past, are the evidence of my existence. 😾😏😎🆙🆕🆒📴😎😏😾 ©oam ®artsydhude 7-18 ™XENOphagz Continue reading Pwm 2a.z3


An open challenge to the soul. 😭🎭😎🐲😾😏👣➡ Ego asked once Super-ego,  “What would you do, if Id wasn’t there. Do you think, we exist without these lesser peons and have our place?”  Super-ego replied,  “I have not thought of that. Lets go to Soul and ask her.”  The two went to Soul and asked. She smiled at the two and waited for a minute or two Then frowned.  “We are units of the user. If and when the user see the definition of what being is and not. It is up to us to remind what all we can  allow … Continue reading Pwm3e:47

Pwm 3e.21

Why must my only comfort, be the one to tell me, I have to . . . I need to. . . It has to be that way. . . In order of things to get done a human body needs. When to and not to listen to people, When to and not be a negatively person. In the end, if I can’t do so, what will happen. Must I assume everything that may  or might not happen. I have to listen now, To myself. ⏩⏩💉💉📴🆒😭 ©oam ®artsydhude 7-18 ™XENOphagz Continue reading Pwm 3e.21