behavoiralism, Dramedy, Drawing/Sketch, Mixed media, Parody, psychology, twisties, Whimsy


An open challenge to the soul.


Ego asked once Super-ego,

 “What would you do,

if Id wasn’t there.

Do you think, we exist without these lesser peons and have our place?”

 Super-ego replied,

 “I have not thought of that. Lets go to Soul and ask her.”

 The two went to Soul and asked.

She smiled at the two and waited for a minute or two

Then frowned.

 “We are units of the user.

If and when the user see the definition of what being

is and not. It is up to us to remind what all we can 

allow or not allow the user to think all these.

In a way, yes all beings do come from 

a quirk of a speck. In time it becomes spectacular in essence and being.”

 The three conspired to be tyrannical, and not give the awareness to be imagined.



®artsydhude 7-18


Drawing/Sketch, Mixed media, poetry, psychology

Pwm 3e.21

Why must my only comfort,

be the one to tell me,

I have to . . .

I need to. . .

It has to be that way. . .

In order of things to get done a human body needs.

When to and not to listen to people,

When to and not be a negatively person.

In the end,

if I can’t do so, what will happen.

Must I assume everything that may 

or might not happen.

I have to listen now,

To myself.



®artsydhude 7-18


behavoiralism, Digital drawing, Dramedy, Parody, twisties, Whimsy

Near the edge.

Can I grow up with you, a dad to a daughter.

why?, daughter to dad.

Coz I wanna feel alive.


Coz I wanna be there for ya.


Coz I know if do that, I can be the best for ya.


Coz my heart sings when we live,love and laugh together.

Dada, here comes mama.

Oh. . .,

Why dad?

Let’s go your mom is almost near.



®artsydhude 07-18


Influences, Parody, poetry, psychology, twisties


Zarathrusta came back,

He wanted nothing but his blue black fountain pen.

He saw the world now,

before he went back,

He harkened and shouted at Twitter to all feeds.


will and always will,

stay the same,

no matter what timeframe.

 Without a sound,

He gave me something to think,

 “So we still are the same?”

 He vanished just like Obi,

Left me dumbfounded here.

Damn, he took my treasure,

That old silly blue black fountain stylus,

That I paid almost a hundred.



©oam 2018.

Digital drawing, Life, poetry, psychology

NmBc 17f

The anima in me gave me my love for you.

The animus in you took my loneliness away 

it knew and told me to spend my days with you.

In that dream what we ought  to

and supposedly how to cherish;

a passing year with all emotions,

that runs deep upon in and out of a microsecond of any moment.

behavoiralism, Digital drawing, Dramedy, Parody, poetry fallacy, psychology, twisties, Whimsy

NsVs aeio.i22

The Id was walking with Self,

It took its hand and gave a reassuring loving pressure.

Then Ego saw everything and it became jealous in an instant.

While super ego remained silent yet felt lonesome and wanted to comfort ego.

Attitude came along and crept around ego and told it that envy and jealousy can murder your heart,

It was telling ego let it go for it wont do him any good besides superego needs to be comforted by you.