It said in its beginning,

. . . “In the image of us”.

Then let all those,

Who keeps to contradict,

Who keeps all hypocrisy,

Who keeps all records of its societies.


Wait. . .

He did said it best,

Two of each kind to be with “us” on that same boat.


Which one is it.

One or two?


Wait . . .

If there is good

There has to be evil.

If there is a male, the other female.

Ok. . .


Then yes,

There has to be two.

For if it were only one,

Then reproduction of life was asexual,

Not intersections of life.


ยฉOliver Melendez

ยฎohms, artsydhude




Why Sunday,

you led them all believed,

that you’re the one day to give us his Glory.

Why can’t it be Saturday.

When all along I knew in me,

the cross bore ona Thursday evening, and Friday was the

real Passover.

Then that fated early Saturday, he was prepared for homecoming,

still people keep coming to you on a Sunday, and only Sunday they

can be all pious and very humbled.

At that single line on a Monday,

They still act as a 5 year old.

Light this please

. . . Thus all petals of the feathers that induces the love

of strength, protection and the light that keeps my life

fortified, I am thankful for which Michael and his brethren

does give me shelter in any kind of weather. . . 

For U, Kuya.

Your eyes speaks of simplicity.

Your smile as a child,

laughs like there is no tommorow,

yet you preach your gospel like no other,

I will always be a follower of your life and love you keep sharing like no other.


Sorry no image,

please use imagination

on this one.


You are my rock

and my water,

that blocks and

crash upon and into my mind.

I’d know you

are always beside

No matter what.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez.

ยฉ all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude


Better days.

Sure the word is there,

I can refer from it,

I can base my life upon those lines of love.

I will and would rather be thankful from his influence,

I will and would rather be grateful from his inspiration,

In his eyes, i am still,

I try all of my best.

In his eyes, i am still,

I do give all i can.

I commend mine,

I uphold his,

I will do everything,

In his name,




and love for a better day,

for all the ways of the seen and the unseen,

I’d rather have his way, than mine.



ยฉ oliver a. melendez.

ยฉ all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 26

o’ to thee

hail, Michael.

hail, Gabriel.

hail, Raphael.

hail, Ureil.

Light my eyes,

let your eyes shine upon me,

let my eyes be guided, protected, illuminated and shown the way,

where the heart of thy father,

is not bothered,

and never does angered.

Baring and back again in the east..,

From North to my south,

Then to the east of my west,

Alone am i in this world born,

yet you among friends I am whole.

yet you among your grace I am someone,

in your eyes , joy

in your lips, grace

in your thoughts, mercy

with your word, I am born.

I love you, respect and honor your commandments,


through them i heard the trumpets calling,

i heard that star shinning above all else,

til the last beacon where

He smiles,

that no other brother can be,

He takes,

any hand and never fall short

of laughter.

I am whole.

with you I am whole.

Out of the south..,

Mighty light

Mighty light,

I ask non3 to shed the darkness from

I ask non3 to bring forth darkness out to.

Then what i need to see

that thereof you illuminate for,

that thereof you shine on,

I am to see nothing but

the love

the guidance

the protection,

that no other light can be found,

that no sun can do without,

The grace of yours onto mine,

not cherished

not appreciated,

only to enlighten me

from inside,

inside within me,

so as to share for,

the light you brought out