WpB 099

… bring me that box 

from a vase that contained a jar,

where gods of old pre ordained.

Pandora knew to close that 

one and it lead an entity of belief,

when a prodigal son will come 

to take the world and give it hope

by dying and loving humans all the same.


NsVs xuv432

. . .

Who led that first hate,

when I knew none of love,

Then why you keep hating the ones you want to love.

Where the love of all hates is never done.

So please lets hang Cain once more,

Let us love Abel.

Yet no Jealous mind keep us apart,

then why do all wants both at the same time.

How then can hate love,love.

When loves keep hating hate.

NmBs 1095b.vi

Why Sunday,

you led them all believed,

that you’re the one day to give us his Glory.

Why can’t it be Saturday.

When all along I knew in me,

the cross bore ona Thursday evening, and Friday was the

real Passover.

Then that fated early Saturday, he was prepared for homecoming,

still people keep coming to you on a Sunday, and only Sunday they

can be all pious and very humbled.

At that single line on a Monday,

They still act as a 5 year old.


Lets be a burro.

Th3 resonance of a


that never sleeps in the mind,

where its own hall

can never be found,

Only atonement and

a revelation of one’s

own relations can be that

way to salvation.


UNV 2406

… will u please build me a tempestous faith

while knowing all of that thereof what

condition, i lied in wait while

holding my heart with my mind.


Light this please

. . . Thus all petals of the feathers that induces the love

of strength, protection and the light that keeps my life

fortified, I am thankful for which Michael and his brethren

does give me shelter in any kind of weather. . . 


For U, Kuya.

Your eyes speaks of simplicity.

Your smile as a child,

laughs like there is no tommorow,

yet you preach your gospel like no other,

I will always be a follower of your life and love you keep sharing like no other.


Sorry no image,

please use imagination

on this one.