Going back

You are within

You are without,

Although in condition of separation

We become in unison and conforming

To the judgment of our own hearts.

So to say the least,

If you built your temple

He will come to honor you,

He will come visit you,

Not just one time.

He lives inside you all the time.



WpB 099

… bring me that box 

from a vase that contained a jar,

where gods of old pre ordained.

Pandora knew to close that 

one and it lead an entity of belief,

when a prodigal son will come 

to take the world and give it hope

by dying and loving humans all the same.

NmBs 1095b.vi

Why Sunday,

you led them all believed,

that you’re the one day to give us his Glory.

Why can’t it be Saturday.

When all along I knew in me,

the cross bore ona Thursday evening, and Friday was the

real Passover.

Then that fated early Saturday, he was prepared for homecoming,

still people keep coming to you on a Sunday, and only Sunday they

can be all pious and very humbled.

At that single line on a Monday,

They still act as a 5 year old.