Fury of the thumb

Inspir3 me a theory with all of its fury, so all of those which that,

holds our love of what we hold in our hand

and loves of what technology can mold.


All but the same.

Reflect me a present past,

where all the hate wont even last.

Dare compare your power of your hour,

I will remain the same in all state that I am in.

I am in a state that remains the same,

Your hour of power you do dare compare,

hate wont even last where all present past reflect.

Whaaa . . .

Do I dare repeat

all that is there to know about something

to someone who knows nothing at all.

All at who knows nothing to someone,

there is to know something about all that

I do dare repeat.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez

@Vb 146. b2.57

Aah, i think i got it.

Is life, efil or something along the ways of

lived devils that never see the sea of eve-nings.

Life is efil along the ways or of deviled lives

of the sea that cannot be seen in evenings.


ยฉ oliver a. melendezโŠ™

โ– D3D14$/ VDL VB.148 / B2.59


palindrome poetry. . .

I think.