NmBs 1095b.v

I held my own Excalibur,

Someone tossed it while

I looked for my own Mjolnir,

Then I held that Draupnir,

while my arms were my own Gladius.

I can be my own weapon,

only to know that this tongue is the sharpest,

and my attitude is the defensive shield i can wield.


Journal entry 1au

. . .and thereof anything in dormant

——–Γ—Γ·>>> XREF: journal entry 1ay


I will let jormungand sleep in,

I will watch the tides burn for Sigyn,

Then she will have let loose Loki,

not for the sake of what is to come,

only for being tired of the mundane life with her husband.

Then what again is a rut,

to be in dormancy of days on end to know,

there will a time of reckoning.

Not what the books can tell nor a twilight that comes to that night.

Only when love of spontaniety and randomness does deliver that justice on.

Scaffolds of the north.

Point me where Tyr, left me the tears of Mimir,

I will eat that Idunn’s power apples.

Then if Sif pursed my goats,

i will take the oath of loving towards

all maiden that defy those heavens.

Oh what beaut, u r, but i am not like that,

yet still a pretty boy that makes

everyone blush in your stead,

then onto that hall of old, i am near.

Don’t slip mighty Baldr, if i put you arse in

that hall dead again,

Ragnarok will be the butt of me.

Days of old into new

Once upon my tears,

I left my memory and thought,

for the space and time spared me

a ryhme,

Ymir showed the stones,

Othinn taught how to read,

then onto my life, Jormunngand conspire with ratatosk,

to bring my mind in a wire,

so it’ll concieve upon my brain,

to be haywired unto mine abode,

then i saw Hugnn flew

as greki ran past me.


Poems and artwork by

Β© Oliver A Melendez



9 days equals to half a week to get me through.

9 nights, 9 days did Odin got through and be Runic about it.

9 men turned into something new because of one, that

9 fingered Frodo left us with a fantasy compared to none.


@rt by @rtsydhude

vb. 98 / b2.07

Then it did happen. . ,

That Hati, did swallowed Mani…

That the chariots swung from bifrost into Middle Earth,

Then at the height of it all, Men and women of einjerhar rallied under Aesir and Vanir,

Soon after Skoll shall swallow Sol,

can men and women be as good as they are einjerhar, before they can even

put their lives under the line,

wherr Skoll routes every single Sol,

now under his rule, shall be darkerned a minute of two.