Reign on this parade


Light me in my darkest dawn.

Mark me upon the night’s storm.

Of might, fang and rage. . .

Don’t let your snarl be re awakened,

lest your father to trick this world again.

Fenris my cub, Skoll of my days, Hati of my moon…

Let my loose my Greki upon the Freki of myself,

then let see who gets swallowed whole,

in the turn of my own twilight.

—>>》》》De Dias

–>》》Veeda de Libros p5

To theorem:


i loved your ways.

you used to feed my brain.

Nowadays i am full so much of reality,

and it is killing me.

Id like to see you more often than i should.

Come by with Pegasus sometimes at my bedside,

get Nyx to bedazzle me,

while you are at it, take Sleipnirr with you,

a great race towards the end of my slumber, while 

I dr3am my day away with all of you.

I still love you,

mighty theorem…

We used to have so much . . . 

Vengeance of Khwatlou


Arrgh, Rawrrgh, Barraaghhh,

Aahh someone give me a toothpick,

this flesh has been on my backtooth.

This last one really soured my taste in men.

Women as the same.

Then why bother with this race, they have a filth that no others can at least have some decent tang to it.

Fated to be


my situation.

the control in which i am in.

Then my lovely Belldandy,

would u kiss me fully.

Can your arms of yours

my cute atropos hold m3 in place.

So in time, i can be and see

a very sweet smile upon me,

my Brunhilde 

as you take me in your;


so please swallow my fated life.


The locks  c.17


The beauty of your





You do pick wisely

You do pick em well

Beauty of Vanir

Wise of all your kin



Mighty Freyja

I am willing

I am yours

so pick me

to be among those who would fight for

and die for

and i will come at the field

Where I can fight for  a cause

on our terms

on our war against those who opposes

life over death.


Ongoing 2009 artsydhude

Z means




at the end

of the peak

at the top of Olympus

and after it begins 

at the edge of Bifrost bridge

to the golden escalator 

where the end of my past becomes

a level where i see nothing

but yearning to be with

the one i want.

Thus begins an exhaustion of things

that i want and need to leave behind,

so to speak that

at the horizon

I see a pearly gate

that is locked

and Zadkiel turns me away and say

” Go back, they still need you

we will let you know

when they dont need you.”