NmV 0A:@4

Have I been cast aside,

into a boulder I did hide.

Can someone feed me lies,

Where they were or are of my paternal sight.

I keep praying , I keep it real as I cry.

A man’s name gave me strife at daylight,

My father told me straight,

Don’t you lie and tell me,

 “Nobody was here.”

Still I cry, 

not as a monster

not as a titan,

no one but a big fat,







The choice. T

To the south beam, a headline spelled H.A.D.E.S with a strikethrough in the middle, and corrected a greek name under the headline:


With a glance of the last letter lingering and wavering,

the depths of my soul shivered and a breeze of anti-freeze,

A negative temperature of the coldest Freon I can remember.

 I can sense and see a woman up around the bend.

With a gesture to behold,


Come Hither,

come near,

I myself will be your eye,

I myself will be the guide.

Dante would not come to you,

Virgil and Canto will not dare come near me.

Don’t be afraid,

My love.

I am here for you to know Tartarus

is a place of champions,

not of those who think otherwise.

As I am fixed on her words,

A face of old came,

From Bone to flesh,

Dipped from Styx,

This time Charon would have loved to come along.

He bowed,

As he knew this time,

That loneliness is with me,

Yet she is of 

To all things gathered,

In the magick of the heart.

There she stood,

My heart in volcanic vitals,

My flesh frozen in fear,

My mind devoid,

My soul ablazed in pure euphoric sense.

Only a god of old can surmise,

Only a god of old can take,

Only a god of old can hold.

There Hecate knew,

Were I one of them,

Nonetheless she gave me a full blown kiss.

And asked.

 “Would you like to stay,

Would you be here in a fallen state,

All that once can not be broken,

All that once shatters at a single mishap of your emotions,

Once a love can only be pure,

Once a love likened to have so much demure,

You can,

All control,

And none of it all,

is yours.

One rule,

You must submit to the demi here,

You must submit not to me,

Only Kronos can make you


or be a peon for his amusement.”

 as my head wavered,


and all sensations normalized,

all vitals neutralized,

Hecate took my body and laid me as she

would be a mother lovingly.

The last I saw,

and heard.

 My love, I see you are fit,

But I need you to tell them,

All these.

I love you,

I think you would have been a good demi here,


I love you my love.

See you in my dreams.




®artsydhude 07-18


An open letter to Lady Demeter,

Mighty huntress, I am missing your shine as of late. 

For I am devoid of your nights subtle winds. And of your hours on end. I am still born to believe in your own field, that I need your shine on me on an empty sky filled with all the glory of constellations near and far beside you.

I am asking nothing, this letter is not for me. Yet I am no ambassador of all humanity, it is an open gesture from me to see your Mother Gaea, to be healed so my daughter can grow to love what nature can offer. She saw you on a night, I know in some delight you saw her smile.

I implore you my lady Demeter, please help humans to see their old majestic and ancient respect for you. To know not of escape and tend to your magnetic love of your mother. 


Into the eyes of . . .

a Minotaur,

Which it doesn’t fill anything but hate.

A hate that fester from those whom he called parents.

a Gorgon,

A longing of acceptance then denied that which was rightfully

hers to begin with and jealousy begat from the beginning.

tragedy . . .

trials . . .

tests. . .

Can I stare into all these and be depressed?

Can I anaylze all the emotions and be filled?

Will I become enamored or at least analogous about it?

I dunano. . . 

I might see myself out of it all,

Make myself an audience from all tragedy,

And not be entertained,

I want to hear their heart, soul and all that void that did fill.

I want to hear them all sing to me.

As if I was them,

And they can see themselves out of that play,

For all it is,

The eye of the heart,

When it beats, it can sing better than crying all the time.


©Oliver Melendez

® Ohms, Artsydhude


Into your realm

Dream my little one dream . . .

While I leave my sleep within.

While I dreamt a life of sleep.

Coz you and I are victims of that omnipresent deity

That loose itself on me,

So please Rex Morpheus,

I am in your realm while I wake,

In the state of my own R.E.M

To know I can sleep to protect

The ones I can protect and keep.


©Oliver A Melendez

NsVs vs NmBs 226

Line by line I take,

All of the dithering

That does make.

A shape in size

To be recognized

All that once is a structure

Within space and time

Only Father Khronos does tick and tock,

While all Titans cry a riot.


This days of This&That

At best,

Did Odysseus screamed and wailed like a bitch s&m’d on the mast.

While all of the longings and sweetest sound of a woman.

At worst,

While Loki deranged, maligned and self inflicted insanity;

Sigyn never lost her compunction only to plan the war.

The best,

Of that destroys the mind where Shiva is the eternal seducer

And loves to create an internal strife of process

That never dies and an infinite beginning loop in and over of my eye.

Yes. .

Yes . . .

And know that all there is to know,

What power can grow,

Just leave the mustard under your nose.

And please do while sneezing all the way.

Into a summer springs falls on an autumn dawning that do fade away

On a clear path from Osiris to Aldeberan’s way.

AuVi 04.iv

Here in my head 

I see none withstand

all of my musings.

Comparing it with a belief

of the past concieved,

do all my longings forward

into Elysian Fields.

Still I traverse

everyday in my solemn

way down to the mind,

where the bellows of 

Tartarus in conception

with all the people that

still live here in the hallowed halls

that echoes the world in Hades’ grip.

NmBs 1095b.v

I held my own Excalibur,

Someone tossed it while

I looked for my own Mjolnir,

Then I held that Draupnir,

while my arms were my own Gladius.

I can be my own weapon,

only to know that this tongue is the sharpest,

and my attitude is the defensive shield i can wield.