Mytika de los Noche

When that light

enters the mind

of each night,

Morpheus gives way

and Nyx stays away,

Ra will soon arise

while the phoenix

basks in eternal delight.


In form.

Ancient you are,

Relic I am,

Yet U remain in me a story told.

But I am my own myth that never gets old.

Only i can buried in the far distance when its time,

You however are timeless, precious and a gold in their eyes.

I am not coz i am immaterial, yet you are.

You are.


D3D14$-VDL C5:P14/OAM 20

© oliver a. melendez

Skanoodle gallerium 06

Then the sun talked to the moon about barter,

She replied no, but went not of terms of bribery.

One Constellation spoke and Told Ra,

Please do not provoke Demeter.

Ra smilee under his chin and grinned,


-X phactore p.47