WpB 099

… bring me that box 

from a vase that contained a jar,

where gods of old pre ordained.

Pandora knew to close that 

one and it lead an entity of belief,

when a prodigal son will come 

to take the world and give it hope

by dying and loving humans all the same.


AuVi 04.iv

Here in my head 

I see none withstand

all of my musings.

Comparing it with a belief

of the past concieved,

do all my longings forward

into Elysian Fields.

Still I traverse

everyday in my solemn

way down to the mind,

where the bellows of 

Tartarus in conception

with all the people that

still live here in the hallowed halls

that echoes the world in Hades’ grip.

AuVi vs BsNs rf1.

Scoop me as I leave from all that I know.

That wisdom of Ymir

wanted to let me know,

of weather and sorrow of every fjord,

that followed Aduhmla around.


NmBc 002z

Leave Beowulf in his flight,

While Sigurd can keep his promises for Hilde,

Why am I then keeping Sigfried at bay, 

When Fafner left my porch ten years back.

I’ll look for that python, 

My Orouboros,

the one who want to mingle with your 


At least be reincarnated at 2027,

and kiss 💋 you in the world’s twilight,

as this age ebbs at the dawn of 2020.


NmBs 1095b.v

I held my own Excalibur,

Someone tossed it while

I looked for my own Mjolnir,

Then I held that Draupnir,

while my arms were my own Gladius.

I can be my own weapon,

only to know that this tongue is the sharpest,

and my attitude is the defensive shield i can wield.


NmBs vs NsVs 000.i

I was not happy,

i had no friends

only godly noise in my head.

Telling and promising me a land,

not even knowing what life of a king,

where that bastard of a father I didn’t even grew up with.

With your courage and false confidence

that was promoted.

At least I’m happy to make your

adversary to make them granite 

before you,

then after which

you can only admire in graven image.


Mytika de los Noche

When that light

enters the mind

of each night,

Morpheus gives way

and Nyx stays away,

Ra will soon arise

while the phoenix

basks in eternal delight.