9 days equals to half a week to get me through.

9 nights, 9 days did Odin got through and be Runic about it.

9 men turned into something new because of one, that

9 fingered Frodo left us with a fantasy compared to none.


@rt by @rtsydhude

vb. 98 / b2.07


In form.


Ancient you are,

Relic I am,

Yet U remain in me a story told.

But I am my own myth that never gets old.

Only i can buried in the far distance when its time,

You however are timeless, precious and a gold in their eyes.

I am not coz i am immaterial, yet you are.

You are.


D3D14$-VDL C5:P14/OAM 20

Β© oliver a. melendez


Roll back the clue from this twine.

See that Gladius and buckler strapped by your side.

Let the head that makes flesh out stone be bagged.

dont swing the club yet,

but when that one strikes from the heavens.


Keep running to Heaphastos Realm and give all these,

then He’d know

what to make,

only one currency you’ll have to give. . .

that is when you see him.

You’ll know.


D3D14$-VDL C4:P2/OAM 47

Boxed out.


In all of your gifts,

that you will have give to me,

of all out of the evil within,

that you can get out and into,

Please pry them out,

let them loose upon tommorow,

let your curiosity be set on my box,

and hope decides on me,

while i live on and upon it for the rest of the day.

Lbl., dp., 0049


I would love to hear the dragon’s song

when it crunches the unicorn’s horn.


》》》>>{D3D14$}[VDL] C2.P13

β—‹β—βŠ™β–ͺβ– β–‘ OAM17.10 P69 Β© oliver a. melendez

UNVC3: Elpis de coda


Set this elpis on fire,

set this motion and let it roll on the wire.

As Skoll went and lament yet laughed hard,

Then Hati never had any score settled.

Did that flames of all the doubts,

and the scorn of my fears,

it does get born.

Erstwhile that Elpis did move under my jar.

What hope can,

what life maybe,

where is step,

She may be,


Then it did happen. . ,


That Hati, did swallowed Mani…

That the chariots swung from bifrost into Middle Earth,

Then at the height of it all, Men and women of einjerhar rallied under Aesir and Vanir,

Soon after Skoll shall swallow Sol,

can men and women be as good as they are einjerhar, before they can even

put their lives under the line,

wherr Skoll routes every single Sol,

now under his rule, shall be darkerned a minute of two.