To succeed; after all

Sweet sweet days of old,

a young virile promise of dreams afoot.

An old song battered yet remains in thought and memory

as Luthien wore out Tinuvil’s song.

as Beren would be laughing with Huan on this one.

I will always cherish  as my Pandora’s dream.

It will remain the gospel of my future.

As i will walk and carry no more,

leaving Golgotha behind,

never being Lot about it.


c17j17 @rtsydhude

To theorem:

i loved your ways.

you used to feed my brain.

Nowadays i am full so much of reality,

and it is killing me.

Id like to see you more often than i should.

Come by with Pegasus sometimes at my bedside,

get Nyx to bedazzle me,

while you are at it, take Sleipnirr with you,

a great race towards the end of my slumber, while 

I dr3am my day away with all of you.

I still love you,

mighty theorem…

We used to have so much . . . 

12 muses. 3rd qtr. Lachesis’ line

To you

For you

About you,

I know you can,

i see you can,

thing is Why of all things

That the line has to drawn,

That a line have to be torn down,

that this time a line had a limitation.

Once upon a birth,

when the twine is thick now it runs

with fumes upon years

of frown and frustration.

Dream a thick nor thin,

the line as the same since

until it was then but not now.

My dear cute and sweet Lachesis,

please tow the line

before mine own is never the same

and keep my line intact

for i know not of the fate you can deal,

only the last sister decides not you, not you.

12 muses. 3rd qtr: Sweet Atropos

Spread the line

Spread the line,

please do not make a lie

in which all truth

would be your night

to lay on.

And if you do, try not to tread on the line,

do not test Atropos,

She is one trigger happy,

So please,

ask not.

So please,

tread not.

It is a pure madness,

She can make

an eventfull one,

let’s not dare;

to see the out come,

let death come;

into the view,

when she percieves it to be.

12 muses. 3rd qtr: in the lines of Clutho

The line of the spine curves 

at the fetal from the protein,

within miosis state.

Twine the clue at the navel

 to which i would be able

 to form limbic machination.

Refrained at nine,

to become someone,

at that operating table;

then on a night

that spindle of copper,

brazen gold,

myrrich teal,

wounded up and form in a firm  grip in which life begins,

 nor ends,

now it starts

Clutho to weave the spindle thus she weighs

Where Lacehsis sets up the tale of a life

Atropos to enforce enjoyment and participate in life

no matter what life becomes after. 

Anywhere but nowhere

Sweet sweet nectar

My darling ambrosia,

why did u even looked at me

and led me.

And of all things

what i need and can not have

yet everytime i see you

I would like to feel you,

caress you and make sweet 

sweet love that you will be mine.

I am haunted for a fact alone 

that i can not have you,

far more it seems

As close as i can get,

still cannot even touch the slightest kiss upon from me to you.

Ahhh tantalise me,

Tantalise my head,

sweet Clotho spin me my dream,

sweet Clotho keep spinning til I fall asleep upon the shores of my own.




The cuties of May.


12 muses of old. 2nd qtr: Grei

Toil and trouble

lets wish on this bubble

My eye to see

My eye to feel

My eye to make you


One tooth to whispe4

One tooth to suffer

One tooth to know our truth

our endurance

of nothing

and existing within the walls

of pain

of joy

of nothingness

In the seams of this

limbic vicinity we call



@rtsydhude cir. 2015, 2016,2017.