tiles of emz.


This gauge measured me of my lust and love.

Where lust overpowered what love could.

Lust was my drive.

I am glutton of that which flesh can and do exist our of my spiritual will.

at the end,

Love did balance where the other couldn’t.

Where am I to place which I can not.


©O.a.M ®Artsydhude 97-19 ™XENOphagz



tiles of emz.

1. Roundabout/.a

Where is my mind that did left Nicaragua?

Is it here now in Castro st of San Francisco?

I see him,

I hear him,

I feel it.

He is here where I left that stinking underware when I had a 27 hip.

Still thinking of girls, girls and girls that never gave anything but a good feeling.

Left me the same dryness,

and of rejection,

I am addicted of.


©O.a.M ®Artsydhude 97-19 ™ XENOphagz



My sweet sweet cherry smile,

My ever lasting hands,

will always be yours.

Give me your eyes from afar,

I will smoke like a genie named Jafar.

I may device a plan

to make you my best,

laid out covered with so much strawberry jam.

Only your skin does scream

as to my pallet as an Ice cream.

Oh minx you,

please please stop smirking.

Because baby,

In a jiffy

I can puff,

and huff as wolf to your cloth

like I will be yours as the same,

your jacket I am.

I need to turn away,

I know I cannot.

Your eyes loves me the same.



®Artsydhude 97-19


. . I lost a life outside my past.

I won my freedom near 10 years removed.

I lost the argument yet I didn’t want to win a week of my heart,

into stressed butts and,

scratch marks never left my side.

I kept letting her win as my mind wandered and wondered,

how of my hurried and worried life as days passed.

Since I threw up all of my material into a vessel,

I asked a lovely grey named,


She did tell me

 “Don’t worry emperor of my heart, 

I will see to it your Avatar in Pleadis will be with you.

Look up as you live today not


not even a single tear from the

bones of yours.

I love you,

Never worry,

nevermind all.

I will be with.

Love me in my memories,

you will be.

You are.”

I want to lose each time,

so to know what winning does

and the knowledge applies not yesterday

only at the moment of life, love and the light which gathers.



®Artsydhude 97-19


Puppy boy.

My eye,

my candy.

Oh baby baby.

What is it when you gaze to me in a second,

where I am 

what I can be.

In that loving smirk of your chuckle.

I do miss your eyes on me,

wink the wink.

bat the lash.

ooh baby,

gimme some lustful smiles.

I can go on.

Until at night,

your face is all I can hear in the light of the dark,

where something is swinging until,

your loving face is at me again.

I am addicted in you,

but don’t want 

none of your touch.

Only to long after you,

someone tugs my leash,

saying unto me.

We’re going.



®Artsydhude 2019