Incoherent sense of improvement.

Sweet incense of all of my garbage thnking.

Enamored the love of my writing,

have sweet joys of a pencil,

. . from and to a pen guided by my own sheer raw non-sense of fruitful mind.

In which babbling, gibberish and yes shit predictive setting of devices ;

permeated all of my works.
I would visit those times and see to it,

and preserve my naive mind,

chaotic ❤ heart.

Yes my love that was broken and shattered across 

time and memory.

I am to have that which and not bother to improve.

Only a reminder that I am not human.

I am a loving monster and a minion of Elpis.

 “I am the way, wanna follow. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Nonetheless It is  good one. Come with.”

Looks over to me,

 “Did I ever tell you; youremind me of some one I used to know had a good soul. Cheer up bruh. Potential is one thing, it’s how you apply and live with it.”



®Artsydhude 2019



NsVs 0061

I will end such beginnings, where the last of its kind as the first one to munch on.

I will right all of that write that wrung all of wrongs couldn’t done by all shouldn’t.

Ahh yes twist me my beautiful blonde sweet mamacita, please suck my ego

As you can blow me off with your loveliest eyes.

NsVs 0063

I see now

of me, myself

and I.

The triangle of !ife.

The line coming out of this mouth.

What circle of my repetitive glossary only knows to say.

Now I know,

what it means to be no one and some one,

to somebody.



®Artsydhude 95-19


NsVs 0067

Contradict me your Oxymoron.

As would my fallacy upon the ironic melody of this life.

Please cut the core of my clue,

in the line of my twine.

Rope me then than now.

For all of wrongness of my shit.

Can come out,

Yet I still eat and swallow;

Every time I am in all of my juxtaposed ideas.

What I needed and wanted to be scolded and barked in front of me.


®Artsydhude 95-19


Khonsti. clue.


X phacks.


Do I always see to all of the seas,

in my known world.

Not the one I exist in.

Have I traveled all of those rivers flew to flow,

and of the deepest just to know,

Tiamat was protecting that Island,

with her son Leviathan,

and it’s offspring Triton and Poseidon.

They will make me suffer,

coz I knew how to dwell in my own

maelstrom and chaos.

It will go as planned.

Yet my blue mast,

to see the clue inside me,

A smile,

A love,

A willful smirk.

Do end my day,

not her way,

Only at the top to see

the top at her eyes bore me into here lovingly.



®Artsydhude 95-19




X phacks



Yesterday wasn’t far away,

was stated by a little Beatle that kept smoking

one I should.

But the ones here to stay would not to become suddenly,

I will not expect not anticipate not even,

assume to assimilate.

I can sing,

dance and even live

All of it.

Only to know I can believe,

It will never stay,

It won’t be there today.



®Artsydhude 95-19




X phacks


Time to weed all my scissors.

All of those sharp turns be a blunt point,

can make a wide left from past to present.

Yes to it all,

and no to my mouth.


®Artsydhude 95-19




X phacks.


A circle has no angle on your issue.

My triangle cannot be squared in my own egg of a mind.

When it does,

compounds of complexities do pound,

then to than be stupid simple,

we two,

can not be as one.

As we ought to,

need we be always,

what for are we;

stand or walk out of.



®Artsydhude 95-19




X phacks.



is the only one matters.

The vein of my heart endures and ensures,

I just go in and stay upon

capillaries of all jungles those myriad

beyond and above my,



®Artsydhude 95-19