When can u speak a truth,

When its full of topical and cosmetically applied over the bed of miscontrued lies over lies.

Yet a simple speak of the white but never too black of a color that do shades a bed when all was done never said.

An image of an illusion that cannot be seen by the hand, does my eye covet of all lies never any of the fact of life that leeches and never dries



For the love of

And the might

Nor the will of any way

But in a case then that 

Or this to those,

Yet somehow in all of brouhaha

So life can just be.



® artsydhude 97-18


Open letters, fr:Hope

To despair,

I would like to tell you, you can live on everyday grieving.

Yet your emptiness is wallowing nothing but a trauma of mountainous shitpile.

Get your mind out of yourself, you will see you are crying over nothing

you are murdering yourself and will get into a bitter rage that one day will soon make it more damaging then fixing a little of yourself.

In time you will see, you can smile again.

Hope I can see you not smile, but to laugh more than cry.
Sincerely Hope.



®artsydhude 7-18



The Unwanteds.


Believe not in me,

Believe not in my words.

Please come near

Please come here.

What I can not be

What I may not be.


© Oliver A. Melendez

® Ohms, Artsydhude

™ XENOphagz

Das punto linya ghaleria.

Col I:f9


 “Know the path

Live your life,

Then love with all your desire,

Have passion to burn it bright

Until it fades away.

Then only when 

you knew 

you did it

gave it

All the way”. 

– OAM2018

© Oliver A Melendez

® Artsydhude

™ XENOphagz


The Unwanteds

®©™ Ohms

Cast me your fears

i shall give

Your courage on a plate

Please eat it up

It will make sense and understand

Where it will lead you.

NsVs xuv 345

The window screamed as the door whistled,

while the rug danced when I asked the pavement to behave.

Of all things did happen,

when I saw 👀

that lovely smile in spring winterfall.