In a state of all that is now,

can we be pushed by what we need on our pockets,

or will it use us by those who we think who gives us,

what is and what is not.,


+—–>>>>》》De Dias/\ Veeda de Libros p16

Reign on this parade


Light me in my darkest dawn.

Mark me upon the night’s storm.

Of might, fang and rage. . .

Don’t let your snarl be re awakened,

lest your father to trick this world again.

Fenris my cub, Skoll of my days, Hati of my moon…

Let my loose my Greki upon the Freki of myself,

then let see who gets swallowed whole,

in the turn of my own twilight.

—>>》》》De Dias

–>》》Veeda de Libros p5