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Code of Hero, S2:E9

Beast wars.

Rattrap to a dying Dinobot.

 “Like I said, ‘you’re just a blasted sagging spouting saurian. But it’s nice to know where you stand.’.”


 We all have friends and those who we think might be.

Trust is the truth serum for alliances.

This it is the outlying sum and difference in which of the syntax of behavioral in any situation.

Whether we all had a hand in the contribution of that condition. The only aftermath of which we can rely is; our own faith in the “Trust”. Yes, in whom we can all trust and not.

I can list so many things and times all of my relational commitment and efforts. Then yes it is the fact, I am human after all. 

The only factor of whom to stand with and make suffrage in my life makes me love what suffering is and was and will always be.

In a way in my own pineal eye, I am to have love for those whom I shared and at least use all that betrayed anything can be of service.

Rattrap is right, we all need to work alongside for everything we stand the cause we believe and faith to trust not ourselves and yes not them. Trust in the mission, trust the cause and see to it all of any work will spill into the goodness that comes with work.


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