Inner Sanctum v3.

East of the sun,

I traveled alone.

I held always you in memory.

West of the moon,

then in the showers of th3 night

I saw the god in me.

South of the sea

swam, saw and spoke to Tiamat.

and told me, how to hold a lie and

lie in it as long as my life can hold.

North to the valley of doubt,

There lay the gorgon of  my life,

in which the hydra kept me awake in sight.

Insomnia upon somnubolistic reprecussions,

yet all circumstance took my life, and i will

champion my greatest treasure,

the light which was given to me, on a fated easter morning 

in Mid October of 20th. 

Ghosts of the pasts

I hang upon this noose,

But it does not murder me.

All the shots fired,
The hail and embers surrounds me.


With your words;
With your intent;

I succumb into melancholia,
I enter my dementia,
I am lost and wander in memory;
Sickness turned into depravity,
Depravity unto beleaguered mentality.

Momentarily I am in my hell,
My brain defunct.
How do I miss you, where are you?

You are here.

But when I am with you,
I am empty and fulfilled,
Content and yearning at the same time.

I sure do miss you,
But I don’t want you.
Saudade, Nov ’15. Original,   June 2017, Edited, repost. 

The muse of my Art

Once I held you,

never before,

then after.

You are always beside me,

first as my Lady,

second an eternal bestie.

Third my constant lover,

the one who doesnt amuse,

never used me,

please forgive me,

for abusing your love time and again.

Still we part and be torn in our duties for our own.

I have loved you,

I always will.

For you my better half,

For you my beloved,

For you.

Ryhme & Metr3: Ha-e-lah

Ther3 is a cloud

among clear skies,

It is barking up

a storm.

Why of all things

does it cry?

Becaus3 in my eye,

a pressure so severe

it does do nothing but form.


Pen and paper


May 2017 @rtsydhude