Me cabeza un casa tu casa




I stand before you,

Naked and true.

My bareness not of yours.

My truth can not be trusted.

Nor my faith be withered.

Please I beg you not to believe

all of these words this poet does.

all of these years of quatrain this poet makes.

all of that word do line up with all of it that is pure bs and nonsense.

When all things fail,

I will prevail of my moronic and ironic insanities of my loving cabeza.

As I ask once before.

“Enter with all warning,

Enter and be entetained,

Inside my insanities,

Welcome to my hell,

So you’d know what

Heaven looks like after

You have come out of mine.”

Welcome. . .


Pho-m .129!!!

Of all will,

the way follows.

In freedom,

It changes and binds to a cage.

Will and Freedom can have each other,

if these two enforces and contradicts, 

tyranny will never stop.

if these two works, God knows 

we can be a better force than before.



ยฎartsydhude 00-18


NsVs xuv432

. . .

Who led that first hate,

when I knew none of love,

Then why you keep hating the ones you want to love.

Where the love of all hates is never done.

So please lets hang Cain once more,

Let us love Abel.

Yet no Jealous mind keep us apart,

then why do all wants both at the same time.

How then can hate love,love.

When loves keep hating hate.

Qwipzeeoligy 10r

However big, small, or even monumental the achievements.

Its an accomplished life which fulfills a dream within a dream,

That it can go further if it is an acceptance of inevitability flips that microsecond

change willing enough and there is no exceptions to the rule,

because life has its own mistakes for us to see it as an opportunity,

to be benefited and take hold of a minute of advantage.

Working it out.

Play and see what it is,

play and feel where should it be,

it’s worth every day that work is our play,

where we play is the privelege of working each day,

comes into view that all we were meant to do,

to be

alive where and when we go in,

to clock in and out of what we need to want to do.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez.

ยฉ all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude


Phoenix codicus

In a world of constant sorrow. . ,

In a world of volatile violent tommorows. . ,

Can we be like thereof that holds our jars,

Can we imitate that which can be held down in a box,

I dunno, will u?

I dunno, can I?

If there is an elpis of Pandora left in us,

can we try not to say,

can we try not to do,

will we ever act accordingly

in each of us

a responsibility,

first to be selfish,

then be selfless,

and sacrifice time

to the hopeless.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez.

ยฉ all artworks and poetry by ohms / @rstydhude

@Vb 99. b2.08