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Pho-m .129!!!

Of all will,

the way follows.

In freedom,

It changes and binds to a cage.

Will and Freedom can have each other,

if these two enforces and contradicts, 

tyranny will never stop.

if these two works, God knows 

we can be a better force than before.



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NsVs vs NmBs 342

How much sorrow

can we borrow,

when all that wheel

can ever feel the load

of hatred that flows from

a stubborn head.

Then who do we call,

when all there is none at all.

Does the divine sky,

intervene and intertwine

when the ground is most filthy than

its building that stands proudly than before.

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Qwipzeeoligy 10r

However big, small, or even monumental the achievements.

Its an accomplished life which fulfills a dream within a dream,

That it can go further if it is an acceptance of inevitability flips that microsecond

change willing enough and there is no exceptions to the rule,

because life has its own mistakes for us to see it as an opportunity,

to be benefited and take hold of a minute of advantage.

abstract, Art, Blank Verse, Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, free verse, Life, philosophy, poetry, principles

Working it out.

Play and see what it is,

play and feel where should it be,

it’s worth every day that work is our play,

where we play is the privelege of working each day,

comes into view that all we were meant to do,

to be

alive where and when we go in,

to clock in and out of what we need to want to do.


ยฉ oliver a. melendez.

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